Janet Hubert Says, Kenya Moore Found Guilty Of Forging Her Signature

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Real Housewives Of Atlanta’s resident liar Kenya Moore is having the worst week ever. First her fake boyfriend/fiance’ James Freeman, was found to be married and she may or may not have known this, while she was allegedly with him in Las Vegas a few weeks ago. James’ wife Jaimi said Kenya knew and it was all a publicity stunt. Now Janet Hubert says that Kenya was found guilty of forging her signature and found guilty of changing the time sheets and criminal charges will not be dropped. Jeez!

Ms Hubert made this post on facebook:

From one pile of sh*t to the next. You the media thirst for the excrement of this whoa-man. Every one who comes in contact with this she-spider… will be bit. I am happy to say I finally got the right check, number 3 from this ish. I do not have it as yet but it was sent to my union with the wrong address. She was found guilty of forging my signature and changing the time sheets, and was ordered by SAG to pay the correct amount. Criminal charges cannot be dropped.

Kenya you are one of the lowest women I have ever met and I am so sorry to have ever accepted your offer, but I wanted to help you. You need slime to exist, and your brand honey is your ass, tits, and hair. This man was right to run as far away from you as possible, I believe them after having my own horror with this chick.

You must know how to give love to get love, and you know nothing except loving yourself. What will you do when your beauty on the outside fades? You are one of the saddest, meanest, manipulative, women I have had the displeasure of working with. Get help, and stop destroying other people’s lives. You have been stabbed, drug by your damn hair on national TV and called a Toxic Trick, and now dumped…look inside
find God or spirit. You bring us all down with your antics, as do all of the Negresses of Bravo. All press is not good press. That is my statement on this matter, so please do not ask me anymore. I want NO MOORE questions on this matter. THIS POST WILL SELF DESTRUCT IN 1 DAY!

Janet Hubert-facebook-Kenya Moore

Kenya recently made her instagram account private, why, I don’t know with over 400k fans, everyone will be screen shot’ing her every post. She seems to be trying to maintain some sort of silence. I can’t bother with Kenya anymore. When it rains it bloody well pours. What the hell is going on in her world? I would like to see some real evidence, like a statement from SAG or paper proof from Kenya and Janet. What on earth are your thoughts? Post your comments, good, bad & ugly below.

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