Jason ‘Jax’ Taylor Surveillance Camera Shows Him Stealing $300 Sunglasses

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Vanderpump Rules star, Jason Michael ‘Jax’ Taylor is a thief, and the surveillance video footage doesn’t lie.

The video shows Jax doing his handiwork at Freaky Tiki Tropical Optical in Honolulu. It’s clear as can be as he grabs a pair of Polaris shades which are priced at around $300, he hangs around for a bit then leaves the store with the sunglasses without paying.

Jax was arrested Friday at a hotel a block away and taken to jail and stayed there for a few days. It’s a felony because the shades are worth more than $300, the minimum in Hawaii for charging someone with felony theft.

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Jax and the rest of the Vanderpump Rules cast made $5,000 an episode so he made approximately $105,000 for season 3. If you can’t afford it leave it alone.

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