Jenelle Evans Attacked By Briana & Brittany DeJesus In Twitter War

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jenelle evans-briana dejesus
When MTV announced it had cancelled Teen Mom 3, Jenelle Evans poked fun at the girls for being boring. Instantly the cast began tweeting that the only reason Jenelle’s Teen Mom 2 series is still airing is because Jenelle is a “train wreck.” On December 29th, Jenelle tweeted a fan “oh, like Briana’s mole” in response to a question. Briana and her sister Brittany DeJesus both thought the statement was meant for Briana since she too has a mole. They began attacking Jenelle instantly and in an attempt to calm the situation, Jenelle said that she was talking about a different Briana; her fiance’s ex-girlfriend to be exact.

Brittany threatened to “beat her a**” and revealed that on a MTV press trip they had to share hotels with Jenelle and that their entire floor “stunk” because Jenelle was smoking marijuana. Briana then called Jenelle “trailer trash,” accused her of “sniffing coke,” and “choosing drugs over her son.” When Jenelle said Briana was “spoiled” because she had everything handed to her, she went off on a rant tweeting:

“I know da** well u aren’t talking…..when’s the last time u mothered ur son? Pls trailer trash don’t start. Go keep sniffing coke and keeping showing ur two kids what a horrific parent u are. My mom told me to leave u alone bc ur not mentally stable! Good luck with ur life’ bye.”

I think it was immature of Briana and Brittany to say things to Jenelle. They can’t even be sure that Jenelle was talking about Briana to begin with. What are your thoughts? Post your comments below.

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