Jenelle Evans & David Eason Get New Puppies After Dog-Killing Controversy

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Former Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans, 27, and her husband, David Eason, 31, have two new dogs just two months after David, allegedly shot and killed their French bulldog, Nugget.

On Sunday, David announced on his YouTube channel that the couple got two Anatolian shepherd dogs to help protect their chickens from hawks and crows.

Recently we had to find a better way of protecting our chickens and livestock. We have hawks and crows always eating the heads off our chickens and plastic owls are not doing the trick. Our pit bull Jax killed and maimed on of our pigs that was around 80lbs. With that in mind plus the many chickens Jax killed and ate we decided to give him to a friend. After lots of research we came across this breed of dog called the Anatolian Shepherd. They are one of the most unique types of dog I have ever seen and have the best temperament and disposition of any dog I have ever owned. They are a livestock guardian breed and do not mind eating and sleeping with all our animals on The Land!

On the 1st May, David alleged in a now-deleted Instagram post that Nugget attacked his 2-year-old daughter.

“You can hate me all you want but this isnt the first time the dog bit Ensley aggressively. The only person that can judge weather [sic] or not a animal is a danger to MY CHILD is ME,” he said.

A day later, the Columbus County Sheriff’s Office and Columbus County Animal Control confirmed that a joint animal cruelty investigation was underway.

According to Page Six, despite the investigation, the Columbus Humane Society in Whiteville, NC, where the couple lives, told TMZ at the time that the allegations would not prohibit the pair from adopting dogs again because “animal control or law enforcement would have to provide documents showing why the couple’s home would be dangerous to a pet.”

The investigation concluded on the 11th July and police said they found “no evidence to substantiate a further investigation.” No charges were filed.

The Columbus County Sheriff’s Office alleged in a lengthy press release that Jenelle filed a police report “for the publicity” and because she “did not know where her dog was,” but Nugget’s whereabouts remain unknown. This makes absolutely no sense. Where is Nugget?

Jenelle denied that she made up the story about her husband shooting their dog, but also did not give information about whether Nugget is still alive.

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