Jersey Shore’s Jenni ‘JWoww’ Farley Files Restraining Order Against Husband Roger Mathews

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Roger Matthews-JWoww

Jersey Shore star, Jenni ‘JWoww’ Farley has filed a restraining order against her husband Roger Mathews after the couple argued on Thursday night.

Roger, 43, posted a series of videos which he alleges, JWoww was “hysterically shouting” at him and threatened to call the police while they were fighting about her going back to work.

Roger said he called the police himself and after they left, he went out to record a podcast with a friend, then returned home and went to sleep without interacting with his wife. He alleges that he was woken up by police at 2 a.m. and removed from his home after being informed that Farley, 32, had contacted the judge and filed a restraining order against him.

On Friday morning, Farley responded via a statement from her rep posted on Instagram:

“While Jenni has refrained from making any public statements relating to her impending divorce, in light of recent events we have decided to make an official statement. Certain events transpired last night which lead [sic] Jenni to involve the authorities, as she felt it was in her best interests, and the best interests of her children to do so. Any statements and social media posts depicting anything to the contrary are entirely false, misleading and intentionally designed to cast Jenni in a negative light. She is proud to be a hardworking parent who provides for her children. While we have chosen not to comment further, we will note that a judge immediately ruled in Jenni’s favor and issued a temporary order of protection last night. Please respect Jenni’s decision for privacy in an effort to protect herself and her children during this time.”

Jenni’s friend and fellow co-star posted this video with the caption:
“Update: Ive decided to post this video because Jennis intentions were to never keep the kids from Roger. She is fighting for him to be in their lives and never once tried to take them away. Because you see 10 videos of him airing out their personal business regarding their divorce , it’s okay to bagger Jenni and send her death threats telling her she’s an awful mom and human being? Or because Roger posts more about the kids that means he’s with them more than Jenni? I personally know her, and she’s a stay at home mother. She doesn’t leave her children for months on end like depicted from him, and when she does work, she leaves filming and comes home to make sure everything is okay. But since you don’t see that on the show, or her posting the kids 24/7 like he does, she’s not with them ever? You all got played by social media.
I know my sis and she is NOT the person Roger is painting her out to be. So congratulations, you gave him what he wants. Your attacks and bullying.”

Jenni Farley-statement

Toms River Police were dispatched to the couple’s home at approximately 1 am on Friday “for a civil matter.”

“Mr. Mathews was served with a Temporary Restraining Order and provided transportation to another location,” a spokesperson said.

This latest incident comes three months after JWoww filed for divorce from Roger on the 12th September citing irreconcilable differences. The estranged couple share a daughter Meilani Alexandra, 4, and son Greyson Valor, 2 continue to spend time together as a family, and celebrated their three-year wedding anniversary in October and dressing up in matching costumes for Halloween.

In his emotional Instagram videos, Roger accused his wife of using their children as “pawns” and claimed Farley agreed to discuss their divorce on the upcoming season of Jersey Shore for an additional sum of money.

“She’s made my children pawns in this literally made them pawns, something I would never do to her, ever. I have no choice but to just be honest and open. I got nothing to lose, I got nothing to hide. You’re gonna see about our divorce on Jersey Shore, you know why? Because my wife told me my ex-wife told me when we were in counseling that she’s negotiating a side-deal. I think she said she wanted $70,000 to talk about our divorce on the upcoming season. Everything is about money with her. All I want is time with my children, that’s all I want. My ex cannot control her emotions in front of our children and literally turns my child against me,” he continued, crying. “My daughter, the look in her eyes. … Because her mother can’t wait until they go to sleep to have a disagreement. She has to do it in front of them … the misunderstanding she had towards her dad, and hitting me in the butt because I upset her mother, because her mother can’t control her emotions.”

Roger’s full video:

Roger’s comments for each video:
1. Reality is stranger than fiction. You guys are about to learn the truth and I promise you. You aren’t ready. The truth is my greatest asset. There is no my truth, there is only THE truth.

2. This is my liberty and my justice. There is no “my truth” there is only THE TRUTH” and the public is about to see that in its rawest form. No narration needed. Just stay tuned. Justice will prevail in the end. I have nothing to hide.

3. Stay tuned. Im sure your gonna see a tear filled video soon of the greatest acting you’ve ever seen in your life of a woman crying saying she is operating in the best interest of her children. Stay tuned. Acting is acting. The truth is the truth.

4. Im sorry that it has come to this. Find one human on planet earth who says I didn’t fight for my family. You will not find them. I will survive this storm and I am now dedicated to complete transparency so that justice may prevail in the end.

5. Cyndi Lauper educated us all. “I see your true colors shining through.”

6. The truth. That’s what I have and that’s what will put me back with what I love more than anything. My children.

7. Greed.

8. I owned my flaws and I fought for my family and my wife. That’s just the simple truth. This was her choice and I will remain silent no longer

9. A wave of truth is coming.

10. This will be the hardest road I ever traveled no doubt for years to come but I will fight for my children and I have the truth on my side. All I wanted was to stay together as a family and work on our issues and fight the good fight for greater good. I tried. I left everything I had on the table. Everything. In the end I must respect that’s not what the other side wanted but to use children as pawns is about the most disposable act a person can possibly do. This was never my wish nor my intent. My heart breaks for my children.

Source: People

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