Kailyn Lowry Defends Her Breastfeeding Pictures

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kailyn lowry breastfeeding1MTV is currently filming the Teen Mom 2 season 5 reunion show in Los Angeles, California and one of the stars of the show, Kailyn Lowry-Marroquin is making headlines after sharing multiple photos of herself nursing her newborn son Lincoln. Of the two photos that Kailyn shared including one of herself nursing Lincoln with her husband Javi Marroquin embracing her from behind. The other photograph was Kailyn getting her hair and make up done with nursing her son. The caption reads: “Nursing, Hair, and Make up all at once” on her Instagram account.

kailyn lowry nursing 2While some fans encouraged the star by supporting her decision to normalize breastfeeding, many others attacked Kailyn for her decision. One fan wrote:

“@KailLowry what’s with all the boob pics?! We get it, you breast feed! Geesh! Have some class woman.”

Despite the criticism, Kailyn backed up her beliefs, replying to fans:

“Oh, but then do you cover YOUR face while you’re eating though?”

I applaud Kailyn’s commitment to breastfeed her son. What are your thoughts? Post your comments below.

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