Mario Singer’s Mistress Kasey Dexter: “Mario & Ramona Singer Were The Ones Harassing Me!”

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We reported that Real Housewives Of New York star, Ramona Singer’s husband Mario, was having an affair with Kasey Dexter, Ramona had filed for divorce, then Ramona and Mario had their lawyer send a cease and desist letter ordering the mistress, Kasey Dexter not to contact them any more. The drama continues as Kasey Dexter, sent an email to the Singer’s attorney in which she claims Ramon and Mario wer harrassing her. The email was sent on the 14th of May to the couple’s attorney, in which Kasey angrily states:

“You can also notify your clients that I have over thousands of emails and texts from Mario and even calls from ramona. As of last Thursday he informed me he was leaving ramona. So I hope u can understand the anguish he has put me through. I wasted almost a year for a man 30 years older than me and I feel stupid .!He’s lucky i did not get an order of protection against him He wouldn’t eve let me leave nyc.’so your email u sent me did not reflect our,relationship. Take care now, Good luck with crazy ramona ;)”

Even if this is all true, and I actually believe her. Unless he has made a pact with you, it looks like Mario is staying with Ramona. Which married man hasn’t used the old, “I’m leaving my wife”. Many, but only a few actually do Kasey. You put yourself through the anguish so you only have yourself to blame for wasting a year of your life. Lastly you claim he wouldn’t let you leave New York? Woman are you nuts? That’s stalker behavior if that’s true. It is best you chalk this ‘relationship’ down to your stupidity, lack of the woman code and his mid life crisis. You are young and pretty, stop it and close your legs to married men, no matter if they tell you their wife is crazy and doesn’t understand them.

Apparently a source close to Kasey states that since Ramona and Mario sent the cease and desist, Mario has contacted Kasey:

“That letter won’t hold up in court. Mario has been calling Kasey and crying. He wants Kasey in his life.”

I hope Kasey kept all correspondence, once a cheater always a cheater. What are your thoughts? Post your comments below.

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