Kathy Wakile’s Daughter, Victoria Has Second Brain Tumor Surgery

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Former Real Housewives Of New Jersey star Kathy Wakile is revealing that her daughter, Victoria Wakile had another brain tumor that required surgery. The successful surgery took place in the beginning of April and Victoria’s staples came out yesterday.

On Finding About The Tumor:
“We were on vacation in Florida and she fainted while she was on the beach. We brought her to the hospital because it was the first day on vacation and I wanted to make sure everything was okay. The doctor did a bunch of tests in the ER and out of nowhere, she decides to do one more test and with that test–it was a cat scan–they found that she had a brain tumor. It was a benign brain tumor and it was removed at Columbia Presbyterian by Dr. Neil Feldstein. She recuperated wonderfully and she broke all the recovery records. It was just a little bump in the road for her and we never really even thought about it much, just her regular visits.”

Victoria’s Father, Rich Wakile Shares His Pain:
“They kept insinuating that this was a life-threatening tumor. The guy, Dr. Feldstein, [who] I think I should start bowing in front of this guy because to me he’s King Feldstein… he saved her and he didn’t just save our daughter, he saved me, because I’m the weak one. My wife is the rock. I come off like the man of the house but when it comes down to stuff like this, we all lean on Kathy. The thing is when we first found out about the brain tumor, I grabbed my wife and I remember like it was yesterday. I said, ‘Listen, okay, we need to be strong for her. We need to show a good front.’ I kind of propped Kathy up to be strong. And I was getting her to be strong for Victoria, but I needed her to be strong for me. Because as soon as she said, ‘You alright Rich?’ I curled up into a corner and started crying. I just cried.”

On The Second Brain Tumor:
“She is in nursing school as a result of this experience. The nurses were the ones giving her that extra care and talking to her and making her feel that everything is going to be okay. She wanted to be that caregiver. We just passed her 10-year anniversary of the surgery, and she’s telling me that she’s just feeling off. She’s saying, ‘Mom, I just don’t feel right.’ She’s been experiencing some major headaches. She said, ‘Since it’s my 10 year anniversary, maybe we should make an appointment for a follow-up, an MRI just to check on things.’ The radiologist, he read it right on the spot. He said, ‘I think that there is some obstruction.’ A little portion had regrown and it was blocking the fluid passing through. It wasn’t as large as it had grown previously. We [had] the same surgeon and he knew exactly what he had to do. It was a quick stay, and she once again broke all the recovery rules. And now this hospital stay further solidified her wanting. Every nurse that came in, she said, ‘This is really my calling. This is what I want to be doing.’ At 10, we knew the risks. At this point now, she knew the risks because she is an adult. The doctors have to make her aware of all the risks.”

"My baby had a #braintumor but it DID NOT HAVE HER!! @victoriawakile staples came out today! #BrainTumorThursday #GodIsGreat"

“My baby had a #braintumor but it DID NOT HAVE HER!! @victoriawakile staples came out today! #BrainTumorThursday #GodIsGreat”

Today, Victoria is happy, healthy, and tumor free. She has already resumed her nursing studies and hanging out with her friends. Kathy posted a photograph to her Facebook account yesterday of Victoria’s head prior to getting her staples out (shown below.)

Kathy On Victoria’s Recovery:
“She’s great. They initially get her out of bed after two days, and the doctor told her to get on her phone and text her friends. Yesterday, she was out of the house all day with her friends. Today we went to her campus to talk to her advisors and get all of her work from her professors. A lot of times you go through a traumatic experience and you want to put it behind you. But it’s selfish to do that. If you put it behind you, then no one learns from it. They ask the questions when they are going to the doctors. They get their support groups for parents and patients that are going through the same things. There’s medication and there’s different treatment centers for people who are going through the same things. We want to raise awareness. There are organizations like the Children’s Brain Tumor Foundation. We do charity events.”

Rich On Why They Are Sharing Victoria’s Story:
“The only reason we are doing this interview is that there are some kids out there that are 10, 15, 20, 25 that are going through the same thing. We just want to put the word out there—you’re not alone in this. The Wakiles have been through it twice.”

We are so glad to hear that everything is well with Victoria! What are your thoughts? Post your comments below.

Source: OK Magazine

Real Housewives Of New Jersey

Real Housewives Of New Jersey

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