Teen Mom | Katie Yeager’s Terrifying Domestic Abuse Scandal

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joey maes katie yeagerOn the September 2nd episode of Teen Mom 3, Katie Yeager’s boyfriend and baby’s father, Joey Maes, seemed terrifyingly out of control following a fight with Katie. And now sources are coming forward with a shocking reveal: Joey has physically assaulted Katie on multiple occasions, when MTV wasn’t there filming.

It got so bad that the nineteen-year-old newly single mother had to file a police report for protection against Joey, after he allegedly broke her nose during an altercation. Things began to heat up last summer of 2012 when Joey cheated on her. Katie wanted to move out and began to pack her things when Joey freaked out. Adds a source, “He was punching and throwing things around the house while Katie was moving out. It got physical.” While Katie did call the police, she, out of fear, never pressed charges for the sake of their daughter, Molli.

“Katie had just moved back in and they were fighting over everything, like, the stupid things couples fight about. Joey has really bad anger problems and a really bad temper and he told Katie that he was going to go to anger management and he never kind of went through with it.”

Katie somehow remained calm throughout the altercations and abuse and never retaliated. She chose to leave Joey and now meets him in public places to exchange the care of their daughter. While MTV and Katie both remain mum on the situation, rumors are flying that Joey beat up another girlfriend earlier this summer. The source adds that, “Every time [he got physical, it was] the last time. No matter what. … After that, Katie was like, enough is enough. He’s not going to change. There’s nothing Katie can do. She couldn’t put herself through it any more. She definitely did not deserve it. She learned not to put up with anybody else’s cr*p, like, always make the best decisions for yourself and the people in your life that you love and care about and everything else will follow. She knows all the warning signs from now on.”

Thank goodness Katie made the smart decision to leave and raise her daughter on her own. It would be a good press move for Katie to open about her decision to leave on MTV’s Teen Mom 3. What are your thoughts? Post your comments below.

Source: Radar Online

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