Kelsey Grammer Says He Co-Parents & Communicates With Camille Grammer, But Doesn’t Speak To Her

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Camille Grammer

Camille Grammer

I got my evening chuckles when I saw that the adulterating jester Kelsey Grammer had his rep release this statement:

“The former Mrs. Grammer’s repeated statements about coparenting are a lie. The custody of the children is shared 50/50. We do communicate about the children but I refuse to speak with her directly. According to Kelsey, a therapist told him that he doesn’t need to talk to Camille.”

What? You communicate but won’t speak directly to the woman you were married to for 14 years and share two children with? Camille and Kelsey have a daughter, Mason, 15, and son, Jude, 12. Kelsey it would have been better for you not to speak about this. Who asked you? Former Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills star, Camille spoke about this a long time ago. Not a soul is convinced about your loving father role, unless it’s with your latest golddigger. Watch out Kayte. You age just like the rest of us humans.

We already knew that Camille. Does Kelsey have a new movie coming out or another TV show that is going to be canceled soon?

Camille Grammer, Kelsey Grammer & Kelsey's soon to be fourth ex-wife Kayte ealsh

Camille Grammer, Kelsey Grammer & Kelsey’s soon to be fourth ex-wife Kayte Wealsh

Dear Kels, any therapist worth their weight in gold should have advised you that unless your ex is a raging lunatic, you should co-parent, sending notes with the nanny, housekeeper, lawyers and therapists is NOT co-parenting. Remember the same way you treat Camille is the same way someone will treat your daughters. Your children are watching you seeing your evil nonsense. Remember that you loon.

Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Brandi Glanville Kyle Richards Lisa Vanderpump Vanderpump RulesErika Jayne

Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Vanderpump RulesErika Jayne

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