Kendra Loud and Proud

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Kendra is getting ready for her move back to Los Angeles from Philly.  Everywhere you look is Eagles stuff.  From a bib for Hank Jr. to some pj bottoms.  It looks like Kendra needs to do some Eagles purging.   In a big box goes all things Eagles.  With the help of Eddie her assistant they drag that box in front of her building and write FREE on the front.  It is funny to see people look around for the cops to see if they can actually get away with taking stuff.  Finally a really brave soul looks around and just grabs the whole box and takes off.  Looks like some people will be getting Eagles merchandise for Christmas.

Eddie is contemplating coming out to his parents.  He is scared to make this decision though, so he talks with Kendra.  Kendra gives him tons of support and even tell him when she came out to her mom…about being a stripper. (I’m sure Eddie appreciated that story but I don’t think it is quite the same thing here Kendra)

Eddie talks to his friend Charles who is also gay.  Charles encourages Eddie to love himself enough to come out to his parents.  Charles uses Creative Visualization to “draw the type of man I need. ”
Hhhmmm I wish I would have thought of that before I got married.  I’m going to pass this idea on to my single friends for sure.

Will he find the courage to come out?   This is the hardest thing he has ever done in his life.

Charles suggests that Eddie meet him for Out Fest the World’s Largest Coming Out Day.  Eddie agrees and takes Kendra with him since Hank is gone and she wants to get out.  It’s one big party for sure.  Rainbow dogs, rainbow flags, rainbow purses and an awesome rainbow beaded headpiece that Kendra puts on.  Love all the rainbow stuff for sure.

Next stop is the mechanical bull.  They try to get Kendra to ride but she says times have changed and she’s not doing that now.  Lots of butt cracks are shown riding the bull but Eddie manages to stay on for a respectable amount of time.

The day ends with Eddie feeling really good about all the diversity he sees.  There are couples, families with kids and just a huge celebration of love and life.  It was very uplifting I must say.    As Kendra says,
“Eddie needs to take life by the balls and go for it”.

Kendra discuss with Hank the fact Eddie is going to come out to his parents in San Diego.  Hank debates coming out to his father about his tattoo.  Really…your a grown man.  Tell your daddy about that tattoo.

Kendra and Hank plan a video date in 10 minutes as soon as she puts Hank Jr. to sleep.  Hank lifts his shirt and shows all his chest hair.  Kendra needs to “trim your taco meat”.    Hhmmm not going to even touch that one.

Let me know what you think…

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