Kendra: Moving Momma

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Kendra & Hank

This week Kendra is discussing with Hank the move across country.  She has mixed feelings about leaving Philly but really is happy to return to sunny California.  Missing the sun, friends, and family Kendra starts off excited about her new journey.  The one big problem is that there is no house to move into.  In a Skype chat Hank tell her that he has called their realtor and rented the place they wanted and will have it set up for Kendra and baby Hank.  She is really excited  now with that out of the way…except for the private jet she will be taking.

Kendra calls her mom for help with the move.  Movers arrive and Kendra shows them around telling them what has to stay and what goes.  She keeps saying she has “organized everything as much as she can”… wow is all I thought about that.  I guess that throwing everything in a big pile on the floor is organization.  Even the movers look around skeptically.  As the movers try to pack up all her stuff she sits down to enjoy her lunch. Finally the time to go has arrived.  As she is leaving, the staff of Two Liberty Place wish her well.  Interesting enough Charles the concierge asks if she packed up her stripper pole.  He asked for her stripper pole!!!!    What…you want someones used stripper pole?  As the other staff member remarks “that visual is not good.”  As a white knuckle flier, Kendra holds on to her mom and the seat wishing the flight to end quickly.

Her assistant Eddie calls Brittany to help him put up all the stuff in the house.  She is slightly challenged.  She uses the drill as a hair dryer for her own photo shoot.   They test out the bed for squeaks and then Brittany looks at her behind in the mirror instead of helping.  Eddie is starting to stress out.  He needs to leave  to pick up Kendra and leaves Brittany in charge of finishing up.  Instead of helping she calls Lucy the housekeeper to put together the high chair and she sits on her phone.

Kendra loves the Pasadena house.  She takes little Hank to see Heff.  The mansion is her 2nd home, the longest place she has lived besides her mothers house.  Heff has received a wonderful duplicate house from his childhood home as a gift from Holly. Kendra cracks up over the house because that is what she wants for her future.  Heff gives her a copy of the December issue with her on the cover.

The best part of this weeks episode is the end.  It’s her 1st night in the house and Kendra is ready for sleep.  She is almost out when she hears a strange noise coming from the basement. All alone and scared she takes her dog and grabs a pen light.  A pen light isn’t going to help very much. She tries to make the dog go down to the basement first but he won’t budge. So down she goes. As she is poking around she locates a box where the noise is coming from.  She gingerly opens the box and what is inside, making that scary noise but her pink vibrator.  Kendra was more than relieved since it was on her vibrator and she had been looking for her vibrator box and she found it. Great way to end the week.

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Next week on Kendra…

Eddie visits his parents and decided to come out to them.

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