Kendras Back in LA!

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The episode begins with Kendra freaking out about how she has so much to do. I mean seriously though… I am still confused about what part of her moving process was stressful. All we saw was her flinging a couple cloths in a box and munching on a sandwich. I guess to add to the stress… Hank got her a completely furnished apartment and Eddie, her assistant, went out to LA a couple days early to make sure the house was in perfect order. Kendra’s mom shows up just in the nick of time to help with flinging a couple more cloths in a box and watching the movers do all of the other work. Kendra, hilariously, had cloths all over the place and kept telling the movers to pack it all up in boxes and that she organized it for them. Speaking of movers… I didn’t know there were movers who literally packed up your cloths from the floor and baby toys and packed it into boxes for you. Did you? I thought the point of movers was for them to carry already packed boxes to the moving trucks.  Anyways, the best part of the goodbyes between Kendra and the Two Liberty Place staff was one of the gay staff asking Kendra for her stripper pole. Kendra kindly offers to give the guy her striper pole and tells him to go up and get it.

So as not to add more stress to Kendra’s move, Hank gets Kendra and her mom a private jet to use to fly to LA. Kendra and her mom literally freak out in the plane from their fears of flying and lack of Zantacs. Both Kendra and her mom looked like little twins sitting in their seats gripping their chairs and I must say that for the first time… Kendra’s mom actually looked a lot better than Kendra. I like Kendra, but she really should try to do something more with herself.

Back in LA, Eddie gets Kendra’s friend Britney Binger to help him get Kendra’s new house ready. We then see about 5 minutes of awkwardness as boring Britney Binger and Eddie try to fool around for the camera. Britney jokes around playing with the tools and flops in the bed with Eddie. Not really sure why Eddie called Britney to help to begin with, but in the end the maid did most of the work.

Kendra arrives in LA and we get a tour of the new house. The house seems child friendly but not as grand as what I am used to seeing Kendra move into. The next day Kendra visits Hef and his now fiancée Crystal. Kendra ends up getting teary eyed after looking at a gift Holly Madison (Hanks ex-girlfriend) got Hef 2 years ago. The gift was an exact replica of Hefs childhood home. Kendra sadly proclaims that all she wants is a “home” and Hef of course lets her know that the mansion is always available to her. Did anyone notice the camera lady snapping pictures of Kendra, baby Hank, Crystal and Hef? I wonder if Hef just has someone standing by all the time to take pictures of every single guest. Well in the end Kendra is awakened from her sleep by a mysterious noise from down in the basement. After dramatically going down to the basement with tiniest flashlight I have ever seen, we find out that the noise is one of Kendra’s many vibrators in her moving boxes. All in all, the episode was a little slow, but baby Hank is always fun to watch.

Next week on Kendra:

Eddie decides he wants to confront his fears and tell his parents he is gay. Kendra drives down to San Diego with Eddie to tell his parents that he is gay.

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