Kenya Moore Says Phaedra Parks Is Self Hating & Porsha Williams Is Pathetic

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Kenya Moore was watching the Real Housewives Of Atlanta, along with the rest of the RHOA fans. Phaedra made the comment, that, “Kenya needs a good colonic because she’s so full of poop that she’s two shades darker than she should be”. Not a good choice a words in this politically correct climate. Phaedra herself is probably as dark as Kenya and going by her comment needs at least 5 colonics because of the BS she tries to feed us each season. Kenya responded with this tweet.

Kenya’s fans united and commented that Phaedra herself has dark skin, is jealous of Kenya’s looks and mad that Apollo wanted Kenya.

Later on, in response to Kenya showing up to her haircare party with her date, Eugene Casciaro, Phaedra joked that Kenya finally met a man at the dermatologist’s office.

Meanwhile Phaedra’s man is a felon, who left her a single mother of two young boys, is serving 7 years in prison for fraud. That ejaculating in a cup isn’t looking so bad now is it Phaedra?

Later, RHOA’s resident hostorian, Black History educator and weave specialist, Porsha Williams, claimed that Kenya Moore’s hair isn’t real but weave.

Later Sheree also mentioned that Kenya still wears colored contacts in 2015. Kenya has stated that her eye color is hers without the aid of contacts.

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