Kenya Moore’s ‘Boyfriend’ James Freeman Is Married!

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Kenya Moore & her third fake boyfriend (that we know of) James Freeman

Real Housewives Of Atlanta star Kenya Moore just can’t catch a break, the beautiful, damaged and seemingly eternal liar released this statement today.

Statement from Kenya Moore

A photo posted by Kenya Moore (@thekenyamoore) on

That’s right her ‘boyfriend’ is married. Kenya met James Freeman on Patty Stinker’s faux dating show, “Millionaire Match Maker”, which aired on the 22nd March. MMM was taped in November 2014. Now you all know I can’t stand MMM most of the busted, sexual deviant, rejects, Patti has on the show have criminal records, bad credit, no money and are maniacs. Patti Stinker is a fraud. I don’t know where to begin. I tried to like Kenya honestly, but all the drama she has been caught up in makes me question her sanity. Kenya posted a picture of some ugly ring while in Vegas a few weeks back, insinuating she may be getting married to James. James got married on the 3rd of April this year to Jaimi.

Kenya Moore-ring-Las Vegas

“Anything can happen in Vegas ” – Kenya Moore (2 May 2015)

This mess right here, James married Jaimi on the 15th April 2015.

So the question of the day is, did Kenya, Patti or Bravo know about this? Did James lie to get TV time? Who’s telling the truth? Who is lying? If James did indeed lie to Patti and Kenya, (what a disgusting a$$), I will amend my article. But this is horrible and tacky.

So I found this tweet from Porsha Williams on the 3rd May 2015, that she quickly deleted: If Porsha knew, Kenya knew.
Porsha Williams-Kenya tweet

Which was in response to this tweet:
Kenya Moore-tweet-lacefront

Kenya many not have known James was double dipping, but it looks like she knew when she was in Las Vegas with him. What are your thoughts? I really want to hear what you have to say below.

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