Keyshia Cole Beating Victim Says She’s Not Sleeping With Birdman

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The young lady, Sabrina Mercadel, Keyshia Cole beat up for spending the night at her boyfriend, Birdman’s house says she’s not Birdman’s side piece and she has no idea why Keyshia would think they’re having sex.

Keyshia Cole-Birdman-Sabrina Mercadel-rw

Sabrina Mercadel has been a Cash Money employee for more than a decade and she’s known Birdman since they were young. Sabrina was not alone with Birdman at his West L.A. condo, four other people were present when Keyshia barged in at around 5am.

Sabrina was walking out of the bathroom when Keyshia spotted her in the apartment and the singer instantly went on the attack, yelling, “What are you doing with my man?!”

Keyshia was then arrested for attacking Sabrina who went to the ER and is now on pain meds. Keyshia is now out on bail.

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Source: TMZ

Birdman Cash Money Keyshia Cole

Birdman Cash Money Keyshia Cole


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