Kim Fields’ Blog: “Beatless Was A Theme, Not A Requirement”

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Here is Kim Field’s blog from the 24th January, Real Housewives Of Atlanta episode titled, “Beauties & the Beat”.
RHOA-8-Kim Fields-confessional
What went through your mind when most of the women didn’t come beatless to the brunch?
First of all, I was happy they all showed up. When you do something different, you really don’t know what to expect. Second, “beatless” was a theme, not a mandatory requirement. It’s not like I said, “No make up, no waffles.” LOL! When you’re hosting a get-together, the only things that runs through your mind is ensuring your guests have a good time.

Were you surprised Kenya took offense to your beatless brunch?
People will take things how they want to; you can only make your intentions and motivation clear.

Did it bother you at all that Cynthia was pushing for you to work together with Kenya?
No. Cynthia is creative and (as she mentioned) appreciates the work and Kenya and I have done individually. A potential client made a request in a pitch meeting. That’s a part of the process.

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