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Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills star Kim Richards, 50, was arrested on the 16th April for public intoxication and assaulted a police officer.

She sits down for her first interview since the arrest with Dr Phil.

Dr Phil starts off with telling the viewers that Kim Richards kept him waiting while she primped and groomed her hair.

Kim claims she took a drink at her daughter Brooke’s house for the first time in 3 years, which was a few shots.

“I couldn’t sleep. I was thinking about the blog. I poured myself a drink of vodka. I got in the car. I started to drive and it was about when I hit the hotel that started to feel it. I started talking to some people and the maitre d’ told me I had to go back to my table.”

She drove to the Beverly Hills Hotel (intoxicated) and sat in her car for a few moments then went to the bar. She was sitting there and saw people at a table and thought she knew them she started talking to them. The maitre d’ then told Kim to take her seat.

“The waiter said I was trespassing. He said, if you don’t leave we’re going to call the police.”

Kim claims the people at the table were telling him it’s ok for her to talk to them.

She then later tells Dr Phil she has had some wine over the past few months so she has not been sober for 3 years.

Kim claims she hasn’t seen Kyle in five months.

They talk about Kim’s dog biting Kyle’s daughter her Alexia. Kingsley the dog bit Alexia so badly that bone was showing and required multiple surgeries.

“The relationship between my sister and niece [has] been destroyed. It’s been a bad year for us.”

Kim started drinking when she was looking after her mother. She also has thought about killing herself.

After her arrest Kyle sent her a text message asking her if she was alright. This is the first piece of communication they have had in 5 months allegedly.

Kim’s children, Brooke, Kimberly and Chad, then enter and Kim’s daughters tell how they found out about their mothers arrest.

Chad calls hims mother’s friendship with Brandi Toxic. Brooke says that Yolanda and Brandi are the only ones who have been there for their mother.

During all of this, Kim is crying.

Dr Phil then relays what Kim has told him and what has happened. Kim tries to minimize her drinking to Dr Phil, while she is missing the point entirely. Kim is under a lot of stress – RHOBH, caring for an ex-husband with stage 4 cancer, parenting, alcoholism.

Dr. Phil says she’s not being honest about her drinking or her actions and tell Kim she is very controlling and good at deflecting responsibility. He asks her if she would walk away from RHOBH, she said if she needed to she would.

Dr Phil tells Kim, “You need help, you need treatment. I will make it a gift from me to you”.

Kim says that she does want treatment for 30 days. Her daughter asks if she is willing for treatment for 60 days. Kim says no.

Her children try to talk her into trying rehab. Kim says she does not want to do this anymore.

She walks out of the session and goes back to her hotel room and is smoking, she tries to hide this from the cameras.

Her children give up her secrets as it is stated that she smokes pot, drinks and takes pills from time to time.

Kim says, “F**k him” in regards to Dr Phil. Then when he knocks the door Kim, miraculously composes herself and says thank you, she trusts him etc. Which has got to be a lie or she is in denial of her disease.

Later Dr Phil says Kim changes her mind and wants to go to rehab, but had too many stipulations on what she wanted.

A few days later Kim checked into rehab.

Kim is obviously under a lot of stress and a lot denial. For some reason I don’t think this rehabilitation stint will work, she has too many demons working against her and too many people not in her corner. I hope nothing else happens to her if she drinks again. She could have crashed her car and killed herself and other people. I believe Kim likes being in the limelight and craves stardom. Walking away from RHOBH would be hard for her and the only proof that she is serious about being sober. We really hope she gets the help she needs.

Did you watch the interview what were your thoughts? Post your comments below.

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