[WARNING GRUESOME IMAGES] Kim Richards Sued After Pit Bull Attacks Family Friend

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Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills star Kim Richards is being sued by her former friend after her pit bull Kingsley attacked the elderly woman.

Kay Rozario, 80, filed her claim in federal court in Los Angeles saying she was viciously attacked by the dog last March while visiting Kim. She names Kim as well as Evolution Film & Tape, the production company behind RHOBH that had previously hired a trainer for the dog, as defendants. So Kim didn’t see the need to hire a dog trainer?

The lawsuit was filed by lawyer Bill Zuhdi, who claims Kim and Evolution, concealed from the public the dangerousness and viciousness of the dog.

Kay claims that Kingsley lunged at her without provocation as she stood next to Kim’s bed.

“Kim was lying on the bed talking, and all of a sudden out of nowhere, the dog starts biting me. I’m trying to pull back, but the dog has hold of me with its teeth. I fall backwards onto floor with blood spurting everywhere. There was blood all over the place. It was terrifying, just terrifying. Thank God I was leaning on the bed with both arms in front of me or the dog would have gotten my throat and face. I’m 80 years old, I’m lucky I didn’t die in that room. When I fell backward onto the floor, I could have bashed my head in,” Kay states.

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In her filing, Kay said Kim, 50, tried to prevent a call to 911 and later asked her to keep the incident quiet so Kim wouldn’t lose her spot on RHOBH. Paramedics did end up rushing to the house, and Kay was treated at a local emergency room, though she did agree to keep the attack under wraps thinking Kim planned to get rid of the dog.

The dog made headlines again last month, when he bit Kim’s niece Alexia Umansky, 18, during a visit to her residence. Alexia is the daughter of Kim’s sister Kyle Richards Umansky. Alexia needed two surgeries on her hand.

Kim finally gave Kingsley away after the attack on Alexia and after releasing a statement calling him her “best friend.” Kim claims that she is shocked that her friend Kay would file a lawsuit.

She said Kay’s version of events were “vehemently not true.”

“(Kay) walked into my bedroom the next morning reaching across Kingsley towards me and Kingsley went after her. She was fully aware that I had a dog before she came to town and saw him upon her arrival. It’s unfortunate how people can go against decades of friendship when something like this happens,” she said, claiming that Kay previously sold stories for money.

Source: NY Daily News

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