Kim Zolciak Sued For Failing To Pay $215,925.90 Credit Card Bill

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Kim Zolciak is known for not paying her bills, she refused to pay her holiday decorator a few years ago, now she won’t pay her credit card bill.

American Express has sued the star of the low rated Don’t Be Tardy ‘reality show’ for failing to pay over $215,000.

In court papers obtained from Fulton County Superior Court Opens American Express National Bank sued Kim, 40, on the 19th November, 2018.

“Defendant [Zolciak] agreed to pay and was obligated to pay the Plaintiff for all extended credit on Defendant’s account. Pursuant to the parties’ agreement, Plaintiff transmitted to Defendants a monthly billing statement for the account, and Defendant was obligated to pay the minimum payment due as set forth on that statement on a monthly basis. The Defendant has failed and continues to fail to pay the amounts due and owing on the account,” the complaint read.

Kim owes American Express exactly $215,925.90, the suit claimed.

Kim’s husband Kroy Biermann accepted the summons when the Sheriff served it on the 9th February, 2019

The case remains ongoing.

The lawsuit comes amid drama with Kim’s new makeup business.

Fans who received the lip kits posted on social media to complain about the poor quality of the products.

“I thought this product would be amazing. The pencil is super hard and when applying, you have to dig into your skin! The colors are super dark and nothing like the photos. Definitely a no go!” one buyer said.

Another costumer complained, “My lipstick was delivered with a crack down the middle. It will break in half soon by the looks of it…”

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Source: Radar Online

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