Kirk Franklin, 51, & His Son Kerrion Franklin’s, 33, Drama; Kerrion Alleges Abuse

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Kirk Franklin’s, 51, son Kerrion Franklin, 31, released audio which revealed threatening words from Kirk to his son.⁣

Kirk Franklin: “I’ll put my foot in your ass.”⁣

Rashad Franklin: “I dare you.”⁣

Kirk: “I will break your neck n*gga, don’t you ever disrespect me.”⁣

Rashad: “I didn’t”. [Call ends]

Kirk Franklin responds to his son Kerrion Franklin’s audio that he posted on social media.

Kerrion responds: “I’m finally out of a 14 year deep hole of chaos&confusion. This the last picture I was “allowed to take with my family” 2006 If my freedom my light sparks your interest internally think about the areas in your life could you handle things differently.

Imagine being taken all across the world from 3rd grade to High School then never again. If a couple pages out of my reality made you feel some type of way just remember that your children will grow up and gravitate toward you or if provoked for too long. We can love you enough to leave you alone. If my dad continues to self sabotage our progress as a family & ignores me for another 14 years and doesn’t accept me I’ll still be fine.

I am breaking the generational curse right now. 14 years not one Dinner, not one cozy Sunday night together. Not invited over for Christmas or any holiday. I am sick of threatening words CONSTANTLY BEHIND CLOSED DOORS. I have earned the space to speak how I please about my childhood. None of you have walked in my shoes. I’m going to stay focused and keep busy with my clients & my creativity. I will grow from these experiences. Plz do not crucify my father. I am not here to bash him across the board. I didn’t even cuss in the recording.

Why do ppl “assume” I did something to deserve verbal abuse. I just said what he said back to me. my father has been speaking very mean & manipulatively to me for 15 years now. My voice will be heard. I forgive him for the past pain. I am learning everyday on my own, this thing called life. Send positive vibes it’s difficult to focus on my work under these conditions. Yet and still I’m going to stay focused my head is up.”

Kerrion responds to his father Kirk.

Kerrion Franklin alleges his dad former porn addict & gospel star Kirk Franklin beat him during a therapy session.

I don’t need another man to speak on my behalf #rickysmileymorningshow He has his own podcast where are the good words for me ? Let’s dive deeper into the tape since my father won’t post it himself m. He has been recording me for many conversations. He has his own files.

Let’s talk about why counseling stopped because you caused #Battery i still didn’t press charges and you quit counseling. All the money you ever spent can’t replace the lack of effort. Ricky Smiley said he wanted to shoot his son ? This is how we’re using our platforms ? This is very upsetting to see a man hide behind another man after putting hands on me on multiple occasions. Threatening to beat my ass in front of TMZ too ?

Call me a liar again and I’ll release more tape. I’m giving you a chance to leave me alone. I said I was done, and here yaw come. Everyone except my family. Now I face the world. I am bringing awareness to #ParentalAbuse this was never about canceling My dad this was never to sabotage his entire career. This was a call to treat me better & too #rickysmileymorningshow since I’m re conversation right now why can’t you actually speak to my dad on the air. Why he behind you ?

Nobody is behind me. Man of my own. So why does it matter how I speak to another grown man if he should block me … or should he pray for our healing. You said both I am sick of the contradictions and the back and forth. I am Done ! As long as my name is in the media more of this tape will be released. I have him a chance to be honest and even his apology was not in #TRUTH • he has many recordings of me. Show me where I cuss at ? Can you ? Why would I gaslight a narcissist they are the real masters of #gaslighting #gaslightingawareness #parentalabusesurvivor #Awareness

Say what you want. I am standing firm. We can keep this up you should have chose to make peace with me, not PROVOKE ME. ReRead your BIBLES PLZ if that’s what you get payed to read ! #letstalk #America #IssaRodeo • Ricky Smiley your message is very one sided Sir. You used to joke with me backstage at concerts at church in Dallas. Should he pray for me or block me. God love me I’m still Gods child either way 🙏🏽 #Thoughts #Battery #baffled

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