Kobe Bryant’s Youngest Daughter, Capri Not Included In Trust

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Kobe Bryant’s’ wife Vanessa, and his agent Rob Pelinka have just filed legal documents to modify the NBA legend’s trust, because it was not updated after his 9-month year daughter Capri’s birth, and does not provide for her going forward, as it should.

Gianna, Vanessa, Kobe, Bianka & Natalia Bryant

According to The Blast, Vanessa Bryant and Rob Pelinka are co-trustees of Kobe’s trust and are asking the court to modify the language to include Kobe and Vanessa’s youngest daughter, Capri.

At the time, it is obvious, Kobe did not rush to change his trust due to the fact he was so young and healthy. No one could have imagined a tragedy like this would occur.

The Bryant’s

In the filing, they explain Kobe’s intention was to provide for Vanessa and all of his children in the case of his death, and that the trust should reflect his wishes. But, because it was last changed in 2017 after his daughter Bianka’s birth, and not after Capri’s it doesn’t provide specifically for her in the document.

“The material purpose of the Trust is to provide a fund for Kobe’s wife and daughters of Kobe and Vanessa for their support, care, and maintenance and, at the same time, to provide protection for the Trust’s assets so that the assets will be available for the benefit of Kobe and Vanessa’s daughters, equally, upon Vanessa’s death. The proposed modification furthers and supports the primary purpose of the trust. The First Partial Amendment makes clear Kobe’s intent to provide for “any children of (his) marriage to Vanessa” in his trust. However, because it was drafted after the birth of Bianka, but before the birth of Capri…the Trust is silent with respect to Capri and her descendants.”

Gianna, Kobe, Vanessa, Capri, Bianka & Natalia

The issue for Kobe’s wife is that, upon her death, “the Bryant Trusts will be divided into two shares, not three.”

It is clear, and both Rob and Vanessa specify in the document, “This was not Kobe’s intent. Nor does it accomplish the primary and material purpose of the Trust – to provide for Vanessa and all his children with Vanessa after his death.”

They are asking a judge to modify the trust to include Capri and her descendants as beneficiaries.

A judge will most likely sign off on the change, and Kobe’s fortune will provide for his wife, and all of his children for their lifetimes.

Kobe and Gigi were killed in a helicopter crash while traveling to a basketball game in Los Angeles. Vanessa Bryant has since filed a wrongful death lawsuit, claiming the pilot should have never been flying in such poor weather.

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