Keeping Up With The Kardashians | Season 8, Episode 15: “Baby Shower Blues”

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Khloe-Kardashian-Kim-Kendall-Kourtney-Kylie-Baby-ShowerKhloe and Kourtney are planning a baby shower for Kim. They want to make it a “white themed” shower and have enlisted the help of a event planner. The event will be in a garden and they have already picked the perfect location; the same place where Khloe got married to Lamar, at the Beverly Hills home of music producer Irving Azoff.. They have all decided that the shower favor will be Kanye’s CD. The two sneak and make Kim a registry at a local baby shop.

When news of Kim’s baby registry is leaked to the media Kim isn’t happy. She calls Kourtney and asks why she is hearing about a registry that she allegedly made. Kourtney tells her that she and Khloe made her one for her shower. Kim says that she doesn’t want a baby shower because she’s received so much negative press over the pregnancy already and doesn’t think a shower is necessary. She says that she already has everything she needs and doesn’t need any more gifts. Kim is mad because she feels like her family are ignoring her feelings. Kourtney tells her that the whole point of a baby shower is to celebrate the pregnancy and the new addition to the family. Kim says that she is on her way to the house to discuss it in person. Kourtney and Khloe tell Kim that they only planned the shower in the first place because they love her. Kim says kim kardashian baby showerthat everyone in her family is trying to “control” her and that they need to stop being so controlling and let her do what she wants. She says she refuses a baby shower. In an attempt to sway Kim’s decision, Kris whips out her baby shower video for when she was pregnant with Robert. The three girls cuddle with their mom on her bed and watch the video. They get teary eyed seeing their father dance with their mother at the end of the video. Kim decides that she should have a baby shower for her daughter’s sake after reading Kourtney’s baby shower guest book.

Kim admits that the scrutiny and bad press gets to her but that her family made her realize she needs to ignore it. Kim says that Kanye loves lullaby music and she would like her invitations to be ballerina inspired music boxes featuring the lullaby. She also requests that instead of gifts, guests donate to a children’s hospital.

The day of the shower the venue is set up perfectly. There are story books hanging from the branches, candles every where, and flower head bands handed out to the guests. Kim arrives in a beautiful floor length white gown, in which she looks stunning. The plan was the men were supposed to show up at the end of the even, but Lamar and Scott arrive early, without Kanye. Kourtney, Kim, and Khloe are all furious that they came without Kanye, and Kim is especially upset because she says Kanye has no one to accompany him. Eventually Kanye arrives with his family members and it’s nice to see Kim and Kanye embracing their impending parenthood.

khloe kardashian lamar odom baby showerBruce has a gun in the house for safety. Kris and Kylie don’t feel safe having a gun in the home and attempt to find where the safe is so they can get rid of the gun. After searching the house from top to bottom, they both realize that they won’t find it unless Kris pretends to be interested in the gun. When Bruce gets home, Kris approaches him saying that she’d like the combination to the safe so she can feel safer. He tells her that he will give her the combination after she takes a gun safety course. Kris and Kylie head off to take the course but Kylie leaves the range because she doesn’t like the loudness of the guns being fired. Kris wasn’t aware that there was also a written test which is mainly “common sense.” She scores 26 out of 30, the minimum required to pass the test is 23. She hurries home to get the combination for the safe and is surprised when Bruce reveals that the safe is in the laundry room.

While Bruce is out, Kris breaks into the safe and takes the gun. She then fills a bowl with cement and puts the gun inside to harden with Kylie’s kim kardashian baby shower dresshelp. The only thing the two don’t plan on is Bruce returning home with a present for Kris; her own hand gun. He heads downstairs to get his gun to compare the two but is shocked when his is missing. Kris brings him the cement block and Bruce is furious. He tells them both that there will always be a gun in his house for security.

The most touching part of the episode was watching Kim finally show some interest in her pregnancy. She has done nothing but complain. It was nice to see her holding her belly, talking about her daughter, and embracing her family and friends’ love. It must be hard constantly reading negative news in the press and I do have to say that despite the weight gain rumors, she looked absolutely amazing at her baby shower. What are your thoughts? Post your comments below.

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