Keeping Up With The Kardashians | Season 8 Episode 6 Recap

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Kim and Kourtney are always talking about babies and sharing tips and advice. Kim is adamant that she and Kourtney have gotten a lot closer since she got pregnant because she truly values Kourtney’s advice. But the two are quite insensitive to Khloe’s feeling since everyone knows Khloe has been dealing with miscarriages and wants to get pregnant. The three make dinner plans but when Khloe shows up all dressed up, the two other girls are dressed in sweats and tell Khloe they have changed their minds and have decided to stay in. They then turn their backs to Khloe and begin sifting through baby gifts. Khloe decides to sneak out and see when they notice. Of course the two don’t even notice and Khloe’s feelings remain hurt.

Brandon Jenner and his new wife Leah are really trying everything they can to attain the spotlight that the Kardashians have. Brandon and Leah head over to Kim’s house to have her listen to their new song track. While Kim loves it and gets them a great opportunity; Ryan Seacrest will show it on his blog, Leah isn’t positive she’s ready for all the spotlight that Kim has (despite her being on a reality television show.) Kim heads out to lunch with the two and the paparazzi are taking a million pictures of her through the window while Leah remarks how tough a life she must have being so much in the spotlight and having no privacy. Kim then says it is so hard. Gag me. Then heads out to ask the paparazzi to please leave while filming them.

Kris is afraid of others hearing her pee so Kendall and Kylie head into the bathroom while she’s on the toilet and videotape her with a cellphone which they upload to their blog. This is the perfect situation for Kris to sit down and talk to her girls about the dangers of social media and the internet but instead she yells at them and says it’s not a joke. After dinner, Kris has to use the bathroom so badly that when Kendall locks the front door, Kris urinates into a bush in the front of the house. This urges Kendall and Kylie to head to their friend’s recording studio to record a “pee” song for their mom. Kind of weird but also very funny.

Khloe reveals to her mom that she is feeling very left out by Kim and Kourtney and that her feelings are hurt. The two decide to head out for a night on the town together and Kris ends up getting heavily intoxicated. The two head to Kim’s house and put toilet paper all over her yard and house and silly string. Kim is furious when she realizes what has gone on and calls her mom to complain and says she could have called the cops because of their vandalization. Then, she says that she spent two hours cleaning it up. We all know Kim Kardashian did not spend two hours in the dark outside cleaning up toilet paper.

In the end, Kim and Kourtney apologize to Khloe for hurting her feelings and say they will include her more. Leah gets over her fear and sings her song live with Brandon and Kris is able to use the bathroom while Kendall and Kylie listen. Looks like everyone made some progress.

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