LaLa’s Full Court Life | Season 2, Episode 7 – Recap

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Before I start, I must say this was one of the more interesting episodes this season, so definitely take a read then catch it if you can.

La La picks Kyan up from school, then grabs a bite to eat with Po and Dice. As a Mom that is 100% engaged in Kyan’s education, La La is excited about the “Who Am I?” school project that Kyan has to complete. La La realizes that Kyan is not fully aware of his mixed race family or how to identify who he is and becomes determined to make it a fun experience for Kyan to explore his roots. Being in NY the number one melting pot in the world, this should be easy.

Then, the whole self-identification project takes a turn for La La when she has lunch with friend Angie and trainer Hino. During lunch La La uncovers that her friend/trainer Hino only dates white women. Hino is black for those of you that may be wondering. Here we go! This topic AGAIN. Surprise surprise, of course the number one reason some black men don’t like dating black women is their argumentative attitude. Really guys can we get another excuse one please? According to Hino white women are easier to deal with and more adventurous. Supposedly, black women won’t skydive, swim or have threesomes.

Hold the phone. Not to get to personal here, but I am Black woman who has or is willing to try all of the above AND I have a beautiful BLACK man to share those experiences with.

Ok, back to the show.

La La meets up with friends Wiz, and her makeup artist Sheika for a girl’s night cooking class and of course to discuss Hino’s stance on not dating black women. This is a heated topic, as it should be and the women express their feelings on the issue. I 100% agree with La’s friend, “Women are going to be women whether you are yellow, green, purple, black, white or whatever.“

La La is hosting a Q&A session for Alicia Key’s Broadway show Stick Fly. A play about how a black family handles life’s ups and downs including dealing with one of the characters bringing home a white woman.

Next, La La takes the race topic to her friend Charlemagne, who does date black women, to get his opinion. Charlemagne feels like the black woman “attitude” is a sign of the strength that some women have and way to stand up for themselves and he likes and appreciates it.

La La sets out on a mission to prove to Hino that Black women can be adventurous by trying to trapeze for the first time. Dice doesn’t help the situation since she chickens out and won’t do the trapeze. La La on the other hand, although she is scared, does go flying on the trapeze to prove her point. Mission accomplished, well at least in her mind. As for Hino, who knows and quite frankly who cares.

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