La La’s Full Court Life | Season 2, Episode 8 – Recap

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This week on La La’s Full Court Life La L and Mel participate in a photo shoot for Style Caster as a part of the 50 most stylish New Yorkers as La starts her press and interview tour for “Think Like A Man.”

Awww! What a cute couple.

Kyan and La La take a walk in NYC, Times Square as the paparazzi snap away. Apparently as La La and Kyan interact they get caught in an awkward shot that becomes misconstrued by the media

La La’s friend Wiz approaches her about a project that she would like her to be a part of; a cooking show for celebrities. Hasn’t that been done before? I guess not. La and gang think it is a good idea and agree to participate in her first episode.

As part of her press tour for the movie “Think Like a Man”, La La has several interviews where she is not only asked about her movie and make-up line Motives, she is also questioned about an “incident where she lost her temper with Kyan while in public.” Huh? La is at a lost so she turns to the internet for answers. And there we have it – several articles that are spinning that innocent pic of Kyan and La La interacting into a disciplinary session. La heads over to the “Breakfast Club” with Charlemagne to discuss the movie and of course they question her about hitting Kyan and her parenting skills. Needless to say La La is pissed about these accusations about her role as a good Mom being questioned.

Grand Wiz, La, Poe and Dice start to shoot the first episode for Wiz’s show which is a DISASTER. Wiz gets annoyed with everyone’s critique, cuts filming (if that’s what you want to call it) short. Eventually the friends talk, they give Wiz advice and move on.

After talking about to her co-star Terrence J, about her current media situation, La is able to get her feelings off of her chest to someone who understands. She comes to the realization that this comes with the territory.

On another note, could there be trouble in paradise with La and Melo, check out next week’s episode for the answer.

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