La La’s Full Court Life | Season 2, Episode 9 – Recap

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Kiss and Makeup, Part 1

La La has a jam packed schedule that starts in LA filled with auditions and acting gigs. La La has been away from her hubby for about a week and hopes to get back to NY soon to get her some loving.

La La uses her down time in LA to practice lines, for an upcoming audition, with Po and Dice. The scene she is rehearsing is very intense and La La gets a little too into it, leading to her slapping the taste out of Po’s mouth. By accident of course! Before La La leaves LA she has a meeting with her manager to go over her upcoming schedule which is packed with more auditions, press for the movie “Think Like A Man” and appearances for the launch of her make-up line, Motives for La La. Move over Jen and Evelyn, the real Basketball wife is about to launch her make-up line.

Instead of heading home to Melo as planned, La La finds out she has to head to Miami to launch the make-up line. Carmelo doesn’t seem happy about the news.

Once La La and team touch down in Miami, she heads over to her friend and business partner, Loren to get more details about the launch. La La takes the opportunity to get some advice on balancing her career and marriage. In addition to the launch conference, Loren throws a yacht party for La La and friends to celebrate her new line.

Before hitting the stage La La tries to get Mel on the phone for some moral support, but has no luck. Instead she gets a pep talk from her Mom. La La walks on stage to a crowd of 24,000 people. Nerve racking to say the least but she pulls it off.

As La La gets ready to head back home to New York and finally meet up with hubby, she finds out that Melo will be in Portland on business.

To be continued. Tune in next week for the La La, Melo reunion.

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