Lala’s Full Court Life | Season 2, Episode 2

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Walk The Runway

by Cheri Davidson

Lala’s crazy week starts off with a photo shoot for Yellow Rat Bastard, a NY urban style clothing store. By the way if you have DVR’d the episode check out the fashion for the shoot. It is fierce. Later in the week Lala has to head out to LA for BFF Kelly Rowland’s annual birthday celebration. Not only is it Kelly’s birthday she is also being honored by Essence with their Black Woman in Music of the year award. Because of Lala’s hectic schedule she sends friends Po and Dice to shop for Kelly’s birthday gifts. So what do you get Kelly Rowland who probably has everything? Well, if you are Po and Dice you pick up a book on smart sex for bathroom reading, photo booth pics, a candle set, food warmer/carry case and a monkey tea infuser. The Atari luggage tag didn’t make Lala’s cut.

At dinner with Po and Dice, Lala receives the good news that she has been invited to walk in the Red Dress Fashion show/charity event that kicks off NY Fashion Week and raises awareness for the red dress symbol and heart disease in women. The fashion show falls on the same day that Lala is scheduled to be in LA for Kelly’s birthday. Dilema? Not for Lala and team. Lala will head to LA on a red-eye after the fashion show to get there in time for the party. Wait, but first, in an effort to have a little fun, Lala calls and tricks Kelly into thinking that she will not be able to make it to her party. Kelly is disappointed.

Following in the footsteps of many other famous celebrities Lala arrives to the Red Dress event. Before the show Lala calls BFF Kelly to wish her luck at the Essence event. Nerves start to set in as Lala prepares to hit the catwalk, even more so when she see’s model Christie Brinkley trip on the runway. Lala does not have the same fate. She makes it to the end and back flawlessly. Now off to LA to surprise Kelly.

Surprise. Not quite. Kelly canceled her party thinking that Lala and gang would not make it. After dwelling on their mishap Lala, Po and Dice head to Kelly’s recording studio to take the party to her. Surprise. This time the plan works. Lala and friends take Kelly out to dinner and are joined at Kelly’s bi by actress and friend Tika Sumpter. Kelly enjoyed opening her array of birthday gifts and Lala’s sentimental speech.

Lala ends her “perfect” week by raising her glass to friends, dreams, creativity, passion and hard-work.

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