Lala’s Full Court Life | Season 2, Episode 4 – Recap

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Cakes and Pains

by Cheri Davidson

Kiyan’s 5th Birthday is two weeks away and Lala is excited to start planning his party. This wouldn’t be reality tv if Lala’s party planning didn’t get interrupted by a call from Queen Latifah, executive producer of VH1’s Single Ladies. Queen loved Lala’s audition for the show and ask her to make an appearance on the upcoming season. Because taping conflicts with the original party plan, Lala decides to move Kyan’s party to the A. Not a big deal since most of her family lives there.

When La gets to Atlanta BFF Kelly Rowland happens to be there recording in the studio for her new album. Po, Dice, Kelly and Lala discuss Lala’s plans for Kyan’s birthday party which Lala has now decided to plan and execute by herself. Lala wants to do the cooking, wrapping, activities for the kids, invitations and bake a home-made cake. She plans on doing this all while filming her part on Single Ladies.

Lala arrives to her first day on the Single Ladies set. She explains that she is nervous in a good way because she wants to show people that she can really act and secure more acting work for herself. Luckily for Lala taping runs over giving her the time she needs to get the details for the party taken care of.

At 1:58 am Lala finally returns home from the set with the ingredients needed to make her home-made birthday cake. No Duncan Hines here. This is a straight LaLa Anthony creation. Mind you she has no instructions and no idea what she is doing. Lala decides to dump what looks like a ½ a bag of flour, some eggs, and who knows what else into a bowl and start mixing. I find it hard to believe that this seemingly intelligent woman would not think to pull out her Ipad, Iphone or some other I-device and look up how to make a cake online. Really? This is what they want us to believe. Well I’m not buying it. Po and Dice show up and try to talk some sense into Lala after they see the monstrosity that she created. Kelly Rowland comes in an hour later with a box of Pillsbury cake mix to save the day. How many black women does it take to bake a cake. Apparently in this case it’s 4.

The moment has arrived for the party. Aunts, uncles, cousins and friends show up to the family affair to celebrate with Kiyan and Lala. And of course the pony. Although Lala is acting like the pony is from another planet, Kiyan hops on and takes a ride. Melo is not able to be there in person, but Lala keeps him in the know with text and the like. Kiyan’s party is a hit, home-made cake and all. Super Mom pulls it off.

Tune in next week for Lala’s decision about having another baby.

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