Lala’s Full Court Life | Season 2, Episode 6 – Recap

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by Cheri Davidson

La La, Kelly, Dice and Po sit down for lunch in L.A to catch-up and have some “girl time.” Kelly talks about her new or maybe not so new love. Does anyone know who she is dating? The spotlight moves onto Dice and her lack of a relationship this year. Apparently Dice recently departed from a relationship and lost her swag.
Dice has swag?

La La vows to hook Dice up when they get back to the city but Dice is not confident that La La knows her type. Back in New York La La and Po argue over who has a better idea of Dice’s type. So to prove who the better matchmaker is, they make a bet.

La La and her friend, radio D.J Charlemagne, sponsor a mixer at the Gansevoort to find Dice a woman. Not looking to good. The chicks that showed up leave a lot to be desired, for a man or a woman. Since that didn’t work, La La moves onto online dating as option #2. The site she chooses, “Meet Black”.

La La, Kelly and friend Angie head out to dinner as Dice simultaneously goes out with her first blind date chosen by La La. La La checks in on the date and doesn’t like what she hears. At this point it looks like she may lose the bet with Po. So what does La La do? She sets out to sabotage Po’s choice for Dice’s date. She stops the girl on her way into the date to give her some “pointers” on what Dice likes. Not. Oh oh, Po shows up and catches La.

Looks like La lost the bet so it’s time to pay up, but La La chickens out and decides not to fulfill her bet because she’s not ready to face her fear of rats. Fear or not, who wants to touch a rat. I don’t blame her.

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