Lala’s full court wedding: Ep 1

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I have been looking forward to seeing Lala’s full court wedding. May be its the onslaught of wedding shows on tv now or that Carmelo and Lala seem to be a solid and happy couple.

We finally see the planning and eventual nuptials for Alani ‘Lala’ Vazquez and Carmelo Anthony, basketball player for the Denver Nuggets. Lala’s wedding is being planned by celebrity party consultant Mindy Wiess.

Lala’s mother Carmen, flies in to see her only daughter try on wedding dresses. Lala’s falls in love with a pink wedding dress even though she has already bought a custom made $8,000 Vera Wang. Decisions, decisions…

Lala’s and her best friend actor Tyrese went out for lunch and he asked her a great question “Why aren’t you hanging out with married women?”. Kudos Tyrese. I would take it a step further ‘hang out with positive women who are happily married’. Not that you cant be friends with single women, but as a married woman you also need to have friends that are married, some single women have different priorities from you. Like minded people can help build and support you.

We get to see Lala put on her mother hat and kindly deal with her son Kiyan who didnt make it to the bathroom in time and also pray with him before bed time, which was nice.

Lala’s parents unfortunately divorced when she, her brother and sisters were young, and the issue of her father walking her down the aisle came up, which is understandable. Carmen who raised her children as a single parent obviously would want to walk her daughter down the aisle. Lala has to decide on which parent will escort her.

I like this show, simple, to the point and real. My questions to VH1 are why is this show only half an hour long and why isn’t it in full HD?

I wish Mrs and Mrs Anthony the best and look forward to episode 2

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