Lamar Odom’s Drug Dealers Suspected In Kardashian Jewelry Theft

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Lamar Odom’s drug dealers could be to blame for the $250,000 jewelry heist that took place at Lamar and Khloe Kardashian’s home. Cops still don’t know who took the jewelry and say there was no sign of forced entry into the home. One source says he has reason to believe one of the dealers had connections to someone who works for the family and had lawful access to the house.

Police investigate who could have burglarized the Odom’s former home, they are reportedly looking into some tradesmen who have been working on the home for the past month. Because there were no signs of forced entry, police are said to assume it was an inside job. Khloe and Lamar sold the house to actress Kaley Cuoco, the house had been sitting vacant for a month. Khloe and her mother Kris Jenner went to clear out the last of Khloe belongings on Monday, 3rd March.

Multiple sources reveal that last year at the peak of his drug addiction, Lamar wasn’t paying for his share. Lamar would justify not paying because the drug quality was “wack” and back it up by saying he was “loaded.” In September 2013 Lamar owed one drug dealer fifteen thousand dollars. All together he was in debt forty thousand dollars between all of his dealers. And to make matters worse Lamar was being threatened by his drug dealers with ext messages where they said they would break into his house.

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Source: TMZ

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