Lamar Odom In Coma, Found Unconscious At Nevada Brothel, Heart Is Failing After 10 Herbal Viagra Pills

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lamar odom

Lamar Odom is fighting for his life after falling into unconsciousness at Dennis Hof’s Love Ranch South in Pahrump, Nevada.

Sources state at the Love Ranch that 35-year-old Odom arrived at the Ranch Saturday and was partying with the girls for days. A source at the Ranch said Lamar was taking an herbal substitute for Viagra.

Dennis estimated that Lamar had possibly taken 10 of the herbal Viagra substitutes and had drunk part of a bottle of cognac since arriving at the ranch, but he had no knowledge of Lamar’s use of any other drugs.

Tuesday afternoon, a woman went into Odom’s room in the VIP suites and found him unconscious. The woman began screaming for the manager who called 911. The manager rolled Lamar over on his side and saw “mucus-type liquid coming out of his nose and mouth.”

An ambulance took Lamar to Pahrump hospital, where doctors intubated him.

Lamar was airlifted from the hospital to Las Vegas for more treatment. Sources claim, “It’s not good.”

Lamar had been partying at the ranch by himself with no friends or entourage and is now alone at the hospital. The ranch staff says they want to be in the room with Lamar but since they’re not family they’re not allowed.

In June, Lamar’s best friend Jamie Sangouthai died at the age of 37 as the result of a flesh-eating disease caused by dirty needles. Lamar hasn’t been coping very well since then.

Update: Lamar is in a coma and his heart is failing, he is having serious problems with his kidneys and lungs. Khloe Kardashian is currently by his side.

Story developing.

Source: TMZ

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