Laura Govan Covers BE Magazine

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Basketball Wives LA star Laura Govan covers BE Magazine. Laura talks about her upcoming wedding to fiance basketball star Gilbert Arenas and cast mate Jackie Christie.

BE Magazine: There was a lot of drama surrounding you, Gloria, and Jackie Christie on last season’s show…what can we expect this season, and have you and Jackie BEen able to find common ground?

  • Laura Govan: I’m over it. Just because I don’t hang with you in real life or don’t care to be friends with a person doesn’t mean I hate them…

BE Magazine: How does it feel to BE in love? And does BEing in love feel BEtter with a 23 Carat Ring?

  • Laura Govan: Being in love feels better when you’re with the person you were meant to be with! Me & Gil have been together for over 10 years now. I was with him when he was broke & I had to pay for our meal.

BE Magazine: What’s BEen new with Laura since we’ve last seen you on the BBW LA Reunion a few months ago?

  • Laura Govan: Growth. Sometimes I’ll catch repeats of past episodes when I’m at home and I look at myself and say “who is this girl!?” (laughing)

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