Lauryn Hill Signs A New Record Deal To Dodge Prison

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For years, Lauryn Hill fans have been aching for a new full-length album from the Fugees frontwoman turned solo superstar. Now, they’ll be getting what they’ve wanted (however late it may be), as Lauryn Hill inked a new record deal with Sony to pay off her gigantic tax debt.

Lauryn Hill has been in quite a bit of hot water as of late. The IRS found her owing in excess of $504,000 in unpaid taxes for $1.8 million of income earned between the years of 2005 and 2007. Hill wrote a long manifesto detailing her reasons for lack of payment, including in that the pressures of stardom contributed to her negligence. Further, Hill was recently in the news for being evicted by the landlord of her New Jersey mansion for failure to pay rent. This happened days before what would have been her sentencing for her guilty plea of tax evasion, which could have been up to three years in a federal prison. Instead, Lauryn Hill signed a new record deal.

Per Billboard, it was revealed during her court proceeding that Hill signed a new record deal with Sony for $1 million in exchange for five new songs. The more songs she records, the more money she makes. That money can in turn be used to pay off her debt, which she has until May 6th to pay. That means Hill will be able to duck prison should she pay her debt in full. The Judge for the proceeding was not pleased, stating that Hill was far from “penniless,” so having to ink a new deal in order to pay her debt seems ridiculous. “Actions speak louder than words,” the Hon. Madeline Cox said.

During Monday’s proceeding in Newark, N.J., however, Assistant U.S. Attorney Sandra Moser revealed that Hill had signed a new deal with Sony, and was set to receive $1 million for recording five new songs, plus additional money for an entire album’s worth of music, according to the New Jersey. However, Hill has yet to finish writing and recording the new songs.

Lauryn has not released a new album since 2002’s “MTV Unplugged No. 2.0” According to Moser, the singer’s 2012 tour did not generate as much revenue as she had hoped for. If Lauryn fails to pay by May 6, she faces up to three years in prison. This would be fantastic Lauryn’s first album The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill was fantastic and nothing she has released has topped it since. It is unfortunate that it took a threats of jail time to get her in the studio.

Lauryn Hill Breaks her silence on her new record deal:
“Yes, I have recently entered into an agreement with Sony Worldwide Entertainment, to launch a new label, on which my new music will be released,” she wrote on her Tumblr on Thursday evening. “And yes, I am working on new music.”

“I’ve remained silent, after an extensive healing process. This is about inequity, and the resulting disenfranchisement caused by it. I’ve been fighting for existential and economic freedom, which means the freedom to create and live without someone threatening, controlling, and/or manipulating the art and the artist, by tying the purse strings.”

“I am one artist who finds value in openly discussing the dynamics within this industry that force artists to compromise or distort themselves and what they do, rather than allowing them to make the music that people need. There are volumes that could (and will) be said.”

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