Teen Mom Heartache | Leah’s Daughter Has Debilitating Disease That Could Leave Her in a Wheelchair

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leah2Leah Calvert, the 21-year-old reality star and mom of three beautiful girls seemed to have it all on last season of Teen Mom 2. But in mid-July she received the devastating news that one of her older daughters, Aliannah has an illness that could leave her in a wheelchair. Aliannah, called Ali by her family, is one of Leah’s older twins. Four-year-old Ali’s health had deteriorated in recent months, leading Leah and Corey Simms (Leah’s ex husband and the twins’ father) to take her to a doctor. There they learned the shocking and heartbreaking news that shattered Leah’s world. Immediately following her daughter’s doctor’s appointment Leah tweeted about her hurt and anger saying:

“This week could get worse but then again maybe just maybe some good can come out of it after Wednesday .. So many things left unanswered.” and “Angry is how I feel… No explanation. I hope this is your will god and someday you can give me an explanation.  This is happening, is it real? I can wake up from this nightmare at anytime now!”

Last season of Teen Mom Leah married her boyfriend Jeremy Calvert and gave birth to the couple’s first child and her third daughter. Things had seemed to be looking up for the reality star following her heartbreak over her divorce to Corey Simms. report-leah-messers-daughter-aliannah-can-walk-with-assistance-1-500x373Ali had also appeared to be making strides physically with her physical therapist being very pleased at how far she’d come as Leah had said Ali had started to walk with assistance. But in mid-July they received the news that Ali’s “mitochondrial condition” had worsened and that she may be wheelchair bound soon. Ali’s grandfather, and Corey Simms’ father, took to Twitter to express his anger and sadness, Tweeting: “Every few months we make a journey full of hope only to go home with our hearts ripped out.”

Meanwhile, Jeremy and Leah have listed their new home in West Virginia and are on the hunt for a more wheelchair and handicapped accessible home for their family. Although it is sad for Leah to have to leave the couple’s first home, she says it’s what is best for the family.

Keeping Ali, Leah, and the families in our thoughts.

Source: Radar Online

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