Lenny, Lisa & Logan Hochstein’s First Photo Shoot; Lisa Slams Critics Of Photo Backdrop

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Real Housewives Of Miami, alum Lisa Hochstein and husband Lenny welcomed their first child a boy Logan Marc Hochstein via surrogate a week ago and they are sharing their first family photographs. Little Logan is adorable and the photographs are cute.

  • I'm only 5 days old, and killed my photoshoot today. #winning #killingIt #worldsCutestBaby

Apparently, some followers didn’t like the fact that little Logan was posing with Hermes boxes. So Lisa responded:
Ps I’m disgusted with some of the comments here! It’s a fun cute baby photoshoot,#whatIsWrongWithYouPeople??! you haters commenting WISH YOU COULD, unfollow if you don’t like it, I’m not trying to please you. what IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN SOMEONE LIKING THE MIAMI DOLPHINS VS SOMEONE LIKING HERMES??? The difference is you Being a HATER #byeFelicia #getAlife #hesPerfect #blocked #myLifeMyWay

I don’t know why celebs respond to the negative comments, especially the ridiculous ones. Just let the ‘haters’ be.

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Real Housewives Of Miami

Real Housewives of Miami

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