Lisa Vanderpump: Housewife Of The Month

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I have a special love for my fellow Brits. But I will call out their nonsense when fit. On one of the rare occasions I read a housewives blog all the way through the 17 or so pages, it’s because the first paragraph grabbed me so I continue on.

I caught a wonderful paragraph from Lisa Vanderpump from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Here Lisa states what we reality tv watches have been saying all along:

That night, dinner was fractious. There was no possible chance of ignoring the cavalier attitude of Ken and Kim, and, as you witnessed, they left early, frustrated by Kyle’s persistence and expectance of an apology, which was never going to happen. Some may think Brandi is too blatant with her remarks. In my opinion when one enters this domain we hold ourselves up for scrutiny. That is the nature of this beast. If you have something to hide, my recommendation when you’re asked to sign up for a reality show would be to run for the hills. Our business became your business, when we made the decision to enter in to your living room and share our lives with you.

I like it when a reality star has sense.

Thank you Lisa!

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