LisaRaye Says She Found Out About Sister Da Brat’s Pregnancy Online

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Da Brat & sister LisaRaye

LisaRaye McCoy revealed that she found out her sister, Da Brat, was expecting her first child through social media.

“I know you grown, but dang. I wanna marvel in your happiness ’cause that’s what it’s about. I did see the reveal of them expecting and expanding their family and I didn’t know anything about it as well. I do realize that when people grow up, even in this situation when you find a partner, you find a good thing and you’re supposed to cling to that partner. I get that. But it’s supposed to be also a bonus. It’s supposed to be an add-on, not a subtraction,” she said on Wednesday’s episode of the “It’s Tricky with Raquel Harper” podcast, adding that she “feels a certain kind of way” about the situation.

Da Brat & Judy Harris Dupart

LisaRaye, 55, said that she respects the fact that her sister has “someone in her life” and for that, she will always “be forever happy and blessed.”

The sisters have been distant for years when, just like with her pregnancy news, LisaRaye found out about her sister’s sexuality through social media.

“My upsetness is actually my feelings is hurt. When she came out to the public, I know she’s going through a transition and stuff, but she have a new relationship, but this particular relationship, I haven’t heard anything. And when I say anything, I mean anything,” she said in a 2021 episode of “Iyanla: Fix My Life.”

So the sisters don’t speak or if they do speak, its online? LisaRaye hasn’t seen Da Brat in 5 months?

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Source: Page Six

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