Love & Hip Atlanta | Episode 9 Recap

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We continue with last weeks, side piece who didn’t know her place, slap heard around the world, from Joseline who is upset that Mimi is staying with Stevie J, so she smacked him in the middle of therapy session. The hip hop doctor, where did VH1 find him, speaks to Joseline on her own and she admits she has been on her own since the age of 13, which of course explains her don’t care attitude, hence her unladylike behavior.

Erica meets with Lil’ Scrappy outside by a lake, she point blank asks him if he is seeing Shay who he brought to his mix tape release party, he says Shay is just his best friend and he has never slept with her. Why doesn’t Erica know who Lil’ Scrappy’s best friend is? Later Lil’ Scrappy tells his mom that he wants to give Erica another chance. Momma Dee is not pleased and states that she is and ‘spells’, “bicth”. Shouldn’t Dee be worried about her son’s happiness, his maturity and her spelling level and not a new piece of ‘a$$’? Dee wants Shay for herself.

Joseline speaks to Benzino about Stevie J. Benzino explains that there is a difference between sex and making love. Joseline states they have sex, make love and dirty sex. As if Benzino and Joseline can decipher the difference between the two.

Joseline invites Karlie to go indoor rock climbing, aren’t they getting all chummy quickly? But I thought that was a fun activity to do.

Rasheeda reassures her husband Kurt over dinner that she loves him and wants him in her life and business, she also want to renew her wedding vows. They have been married 12 years.

Benzino and Stevie J talk relationships at the strip bar. Stevie J claims to love both Mimi and Joseline. They toast Karlie, Joseline and Mimi. Classy.

Benzino meets with Mimi at a car wash and proclaims that he wants Mimi to not bark at Stevie J and to be kind to him. Was Benzino dropped on his head? Then he says that cheating on her with one woman is ok, as he has known much worse. He then calls Mimi, Joseline by “mistake”. Mimi has just about had enough. Benzino giving advice to anyone is not your forte, have a seat son. Why does Mimi speak with such emphasis, like she’s in a rap battle.

K Michelle speaks at a domestic abuse event for young girls, she is dressed in a bridal gown, complete with makeup bruises, she then spouts a repertoire of tears and tells her story of her abuser who is allegedly Memphitz who is now married to Toya Wright, ex wife of Lil Wayne. Rasheeda seems unaffected by the performance, on the way to the event she tells Erica, that she wants nothing to do with that story and she is very good friends with Toya. Leave well alone Rasheeda, you do not know what happened between K Michelle and Memphitz.

Karlie decides to talk to Benzino about his rage issues, as before he gave her his house keys 3 weeks ago, everything was going well, 3 weeks later she now sees his anger. That’s what happens when you move too quickly. Benzino states that he is angry because all she talks about is her ‘career’. Benzino states that Karlie is making him angry, no Benzino you control your own actions, no one can make you feel or do anything you don’t want to do.

K Michelle invites Rasheeda out for drinks, so they can talk about her abuse situation. K Michelle states that her ex sent a tweet about her teeth and that he ‘made’ her. So K Michelle thanks Rasheeda for not taking sides. Rasheeda then said maybe he didn’t do those things to you. O dear. K Michelle starts to cry and is hysterical. Rasheeda is not moved and does not believe K Michelle’s story.

Next week is the season finale. Where has the time gone?!

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