Love & Hip Hop Atlanta | Episode 6 Recap

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No Apologies

Stevie J approaches Joseline at her photoshoot. Wait what the hell was she wearing? She was trying to channel Josephine Baker but the reception was very bad. Stevie J warns her not to threaten Mimi and they argue again, Joseline asks Stevie why he was there, he replied and… I type this with a straight face without laying and rolling around all over the floor…. he is saving her career. Did I miss something? What career?!

Big Momma Dee ‘vites‘ (invites) Shay out for drinks, as she is ‘cited‘ (excited) for Shay to be dating Lil’ Scrappy. I think Momma Dee wants Shay all for herself she is a little bit too giddy and excited for Shay to be in with the family. I don’t recall seeing so much love shown for Erica.

Joseline talks with a friend and she believes that her “man” is cheating on her with his baby momma Mimi, and because of this she is allowed to text Mimi and send threats. Did Joseline state that, Stevie J tried to kill her by putting her in a choke hold? We need to rewind that. Joseline wouldn’t know love if it slapped her in her face. You love someone who put you in a choke hold?

Kurt puts together a very weak viewing party for Rasheeda’s video, “Marry Me”, there was hardly anyone there. If Lil’ Scrappy and Rasheeda are tight, why wasn’t he there? Where was Kandi Burruss? To make matter worse, the screen that Rasheeda thought the video would appear on, was not working and she had to have her guests turn around, to the screen behind them. That wasn’t a big deal, but it was a little messy and definitely not professional. Why didn’t Kurt tell her which screen to point to. Why didn’t we even see the video?

Lil Scrappy chats with Erica as he tells her he is settling into his new place, also they are not going to work out as a couple, of course not as all his effort is going into Shay. So at the end of his conversation, when he thinks the coast is clear he asks her to look out for him on the child support, in other words, no longer make the courts mandate that he provide money for his daughter. What?! Erica isn’t stupid, she didn’t take him off child support when they were living together, why should she take him off when they are no longer together? She says no, he is still going to support their child. He then gets into his chauffeur driven car followed by a moving van. Erica continues to pack up Lil’ Scrappy’s things, why? Then she kicks one of the boxes. Didn’t the moving truck just leave, why is Erica still packing or him?

Mimi meets Karlie Redd and Karlie is upset as she thinks Mimi should have warned her K Michelle wanted to rumble. I like Mimi, but she is too calm when K Michelle and Karlie are around. She tells us the viewers how could Karlie not know K Michelle had a beef with her. Mimi likes to instigate just a little bit. Karlie informs Mimi that she will be working

Karlie obviously calls Benzino as he invites her over to his house for their first date. So not original and opening the door for the Evelyn sleep with him on the first date mess. Benzino cooks her diner and presents her with some gifts, chocolate and a book on making movies, the Film Guide. Nice. Benzino is absolutely enthralled with Karlie’s beauty. They slobber each other with kisses. Am I to believe their first kiss was caught on camera? Karlie GUTD – Gave Up The Drawers – way too quickly.

Benzino: So I can see you a lot?

Rasheeda meets with K Michelle and bounces idea’s off her about her problems with Kurt. She tells her that she wants to meet other people and see what other managers can do for her. Rasheeda meets with another manager who tells her nothing mindblowing something about hats and wife and Kurts management company. Rasheeda cries as she feels she is betraying her husband who she knows has worked hard with the little they have as an independent artist.

Benzino and Stevie J meet for drinks. Benzino tells him about his date with Karlie. Stevie J states tht he is going to get Mimi back and he occasionally dips in Joseline’s pond. Great Stevie Sleep with the one woman Mimi hates in order to get Mimi back. Are you THICK!?

Erica meets her mom and tells her what transpired between her and Lil’ Scrappy. Mom is not happy about Lil’ Scrappy about him wanting to not be on child support.

Rasheeda finally tells Kurt about her meeting with another management group. It’s a horrible conversation to have with your husband. But Kurt has to understand, Rasheeda wants more and Husband Management isn’t working hard enough for her. She cries and walks about.

Joseline: Me and Mimi are the victims here

Joseline meets Mimi, why is Mimi meeting the side-piece? Joseline apologizes to Mimi for threatening her via text. Mimi rolls her eyes. Joseline starts her oscar award winning role as the side piece with a heart and starts crying. Joseline is hilarious! Why is Joseline even meeting with Mimi, she is a non-factor and is trying to justify being the other woman. And why on earth is she crying, Stevie cheated with you not on you! Joseline states she doesn’t know what Steebie is telling Mimi and he is probably telling each woman something different. I have to ask again why is Joseline meeting Mimi? Who is Stevie supposed to be with? Mimi or Joseline? Why would the side-piece want to meet a curent girlfriend, none of this makes any sense. Unless there is something that will be revealed later on, like Mimi and Stevie broke up prior to filming and are just on camera for money. This season needs a Chrissy Lampkin to show them and talk some sense to them.

At times I need VH1 needs to use subtitles for Joseline, she sounds like Pootie Tang.

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