Love & Hip Hop Atlanta | Episode 7 Recap

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K Michelle invites Mimi to a studio where she is working on some music. Mimi states that Stevie J wants to go to counseling. K Michelle wrote Mimi a song:

“I’m so tired of footin’ these bills for you
and that chick keep saying she pregnant too
hope that baby don’t look like neither one of you
now that’s what I call a public truth, so I’m through, I’m through
Cuz you wasn’t ready to love, but you was ready to ummm
By the way don’t try to play me, twelve years of looking crazy for you, how could you
Raise your glass, I ain’t even mad
You can just kiss me ass, baby you can just kiss my ass”

It’s good song, K Michelle could sing out of the phone book and it would sound just as awesome.

Malcolm Miles, Karlie Redd’s manager flies in to see his client. Why isn’t he in the same town as her? He really is here to tell her she is distracted due to her relationship with Benzino, she then feigns ignorance “Which Benzino guy?” Why is Karlie explaining herself to this man? Apparently Benzino upset a lot of people in the industry. Malcolm thinks Benzino is irrelevant; So is Karlie. What is this manager doing for Karlie exactly?

At Twilight, Stevie J’s studio, Joseline is working on her new single, Stevie J walks in and is not pleased as he wasn’t informed of her making an appointment for studio time. Does Stevie have any grip on reality? He threatens her stating he made her and can put her back in the strip club. I’m yawning at this point, again. Yeah, yeah, yeah you can put her back in the strip club, we have heard this before. Stevie J says he need to stop having sex with Joseline. Stevie J is whipped. Josline states while pointing that he wants her mouth, cooch, brain and money. Really your brain?

I am convinced that Stevie J has lost touch with this world, he says Joseline is a superstar.

Rasheeda is waiting for Kurt early in the morning, folding clothes. She wants Kurt on her side and doesn’t want him to feel kicked to the curb, which in actuality he is.

Next scene, Benzino has cooked breakfast and serves Karlie in bed. Her presents her with a key and she asks if he’s ready for that. They have been on one date and she gave up the goodies and has the nerve to ask if he’s ready. You made him ready when you gave up the cookies, girl. Karlie then brings up the fact that her management thinks he’s cold. He then states that her management isn’t working for her and she isn’t hot. That was the statement of the night, right on point Benzino! Benzino then tells her to follow her heart and he starts to cry as he can’t live his life that that. Man up Benzino and stop it. Snot all flowing out his nose and everything, nasty!

Mimi and Erica go to see K Michelle perform. Lo and behold Stevie J performs with his group. He introduces his song and it’s for Mimi and states he doesn’t want to argue anymore. Stevie J is sick of the arguing and fussin’. What?! How about you’re tired of the lyin’, trickin’ and dickin’ Stevie? Stevie J is hilarious. Mimi and Stevie take it outside and for some reason she asks him what made his stray in the first place. Stevie J trying to come off as the victim says he doesn’t want to beef anymore, I can’t do it. Mimi starts crying and is obviously hurting. Stevie J looks like he is tearing up. This was the same idiot that was messing around with Joseline a few minutes earlier, saying he needs to stop sleeping with her. I don’t believe his lying butt. He kisses Mimi and he say ‘lets get out of here’. Why on earth Mimi left with him is beyond me.

Lil’ Scrappy, Lil’ Scrappy’s Veneers, Shay and Shay’s Weave discuss his child support situation. Apparently Erica said that she was going to take Lil’ Scrappy of child support. There was going to be a lump sum given to Erica which was going to be the same amount for the next 11 years or so? I think not. If Lil’ Scrappy had that money, he would have given it to her or put it in the bank. As if Shay is going to give Lil’ Scrappy unbiased advice, sit down honey.


K Michelle goes on a date with Steve Baggs, a football player. She discusses what she is looking for. They kiss and she jumps on him.

Benzino knows Vincent Herbert, who manages Lady Gaga; Benzino sets up a meeting with him for Karlie. Vincent likes Karlie’s music and he wants her to go into the studio with his people. This is all from Benzino who doesn’t know anyone and is cold. What the hell is Malcolm the ‘manager’ doing?

K Michelle states her date with Stevie was good, but it wasn’t all that. So she meets her ex-boyfriend, Robert and talks about her situation with him. She has issues opening up and is attracted to the bad boys, tats, gold teeth, etc,.

I don’t care if you dribble a ball or if you play with your balls – K Michell

The therapist wants to know why they came to therapy. Mimi is tired of the lies. Stevie J admits he is liar. Stevie also states that he has an artist and she turned up pregnant. Turned up pregnant? The therapist then says ‘You were hitting that on the regular’. What? What is this Hip Hop Therapy? LOL. Stevie then continues to lie and says that Joseline is a friend, who is just kicking it with Joseline.

It comes out that there has been multiple women.

A man cheats, because a women let’s him – Dr Hip Hop Therapy

The therapist asks where are your mothers. Mimi’s mother joined Scientology and because Mimi didn’t want to join they did not keep in contact and she died not reconnecting with Mimi or her siblings.
Stevie J’s mother left when he was young and he was raised by his dad. Both have mama issues. Mimi should have left Stevie J a long time ago, she openly admitted to knowing Stevie J had multiple women, if you don’t want a man who cheats on you, let him go. Stevie J does not know how to treat a women, as they allow him to walk all over them. A mama would have set him straight.

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