Love & Hip Hop Atlanta | Episode 8 Recap

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Three’s Company

Mimi, Stevie J and his daughter are walking hand in hand in the park, how lovely. Mimi believes that Stevie J has not changed. Mimi claims that she doesn’t trust Stevie. She does love Stevie, as she would have cut the purse strings a long time ago. Stevie J wants Joseline at the next therapy session. This is a crack pipe situation waiting to happen.

Karlie Redd calls Joseline to meet up. Karlie wants to clear the air so they can work on their music together. Joseline states she doesn’t care to deal with Stevie J anymore. Joseline wants to know if Stevie J and Karlie have gotten together. Karlie states she is messing with Benzino. Adults say they are messing with someone? That’s a good start.

Lil’ Scrappy is in the studio with Shay, Rasheeda walks in to work with Lil’ Scrappy. Rasheeda wants to know what is going on with Shay and him. Rasheeda divulges that Erica is upset and crying. Lil’ Scrappy states he has never seen her cry.

Benzino is attending a photoshoot with Karlie, he tells her that more people are liking her work.

Rasheeda attends and performs at Lil’ Scrappy’s mix-tape event.

K Michelle tells Erica about Shay. Finally!

Benzino goes jewelry shopping and picks up a diamond necklace that looks like jewelry from a Bad Girls Club reject. He then looks at a ring. He admits he is moving too fast.

Rasheeda and Kirk visit the manager that Rasheeda saw by herself.

Mimi and Stevie J attend therapy with the hip hop therapist Dr Jeff. Stevie J states that he loves both Joseline and Mimi. as Dr Jeff was talking to Joseline, Stevie J dabs the sweat off of Joseline’s nose. What the hell?! Dr Jeff calls that passive aggressive. That is not passive, that’s complete bare-faced BULL! Stevie J sees nothing wrong with what he did. Joseline wants to know if Stevie is living with Mimi. Mimi answers yes I am staying with him. Joseline goes ballastic and hits Stevie J and has to be restrained by the bodyguards. Mimi on the other hand is smug and thinks this is funny. Why on earth is Mimi laughing, you’re sleeping with a walking STD.

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