Love & Hip Hop Atlanta | Reunion Part 1

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Reunion Part 1

Executive producer Mona Scott Young hosted the reunion. Joseline wore some masquerade mask to throw shade on her haters. Apparently some think that the show was a poor representation of African American women. Really. If I want to watch strong women I am intelligent enough to know strong role models are not to be found on VH1. Karlie Redd doesn’t give up her age. Karlie Redd was allegedly born on the 26th of February in 1965, which means she is 47, if she is 47 she looks great! What’s the big deal with her age anyway? The ladies owned to up having surgery – Erica, Rasheeda & Mimi, are all natural. K Michele had her teeth and breasts done. Karlie had her breasts done. Joseline has her teeth and breasts done. Joseline states that she was never a man and was born a woman. Mona saw the pregnancy test and may or may not have seen Joseline peeing on the pregnancy test. Joseline states she even danced for LIl’ Scrappy at one point. Joseline also used the alias, Shenellica Bettencourt as a stripper and when she was arrested.

Karlie Redd has a daughter but won’t divulge her daughter’s age, which means her daughter is a teenager. Karlie Redd has never been signed to Cash Money. We re-visit the contention between Rasheeda not believing K Michelle was in an abusive relationship. Rasheeda states she has nothing to do with it, but she doesn’t believe K Michelle. K Michelle and Rasheeda got to talking over each over and Rasheeda got loud and looked like she wanted to fight, security stepped on to the stage and we hit a commercial. I’ve always like Rasheeda but her reacting like that was uncalled for and nothing to be proud of.

Due to the amount of violence being aired on VH1, Monami Entertainment scaled down the fight between Lil’ Scrappy and Stevie J. But Lil’ Scrappy states he put dem paws on im. Ok. At this point Lil’ Scrappy called Joseline a b*tch. To which Joseline states she is the b*tch.

Lil’ Scrappy: I ain’t scurred a nann.

Momma Dee comes on the couch and states she is the Queen and when the Prince her son is disrespected there has to be some order maintained. A fan asked, since Lil’ Scrappy was on probation did he hear from them in regards to violating his probation. Good question. Lil’ Scrappy’s face was priceless. He hadn’t heard from them but probably will now.

Stevie J claims he still loves Mimi and that he didn’t think he was the marrying type because of his antics. Mimi states she doesn’t think about getting married to Stevie because of their relationship. What was Ariane wearing?

Joseline: Your d*ck is what I want and your money, so get to work

Mimi was emotional when addressing the naysayers about her going back to Stevie J over and over again. We don’t know her story, Stevie J has hurt her and doesn’t love her but she isn’t ready to leave him. She still loves him. They spoke about the pregnancy situation – Joseline decided to try and poke at Mimi and Stevie J’s relationship stating that he has multiple children. Then Mimi states that she has know Stevie J for 15 years not necessarily in a relationship with him. Stevie admits he thought that Joseline’s baby was his. Joseline states that she wouldn’t marry Stevie then but would marry him now for money. Joseline also states that she is a woman of God. Sorry Joseline, women of God do not speak or behave like you. Mimi states that she is not with Stevie J but she cannot say – never, ever.

Next week tune in for part 2. I was thoroughly entertained.

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PS. Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta was Mondays #1 cable program with 4.100 million viewers at 8/7c & 2.169 million at 10/9c!!

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