Love & Hip Hop Atlanta | Season 1, Episode 1

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We meet Mimi who has been with Stevie for 15 years! They have a 2 year old child Eva, together. Stevie buys Mimi and Eva a house way out in the boondocks. She tells her friend Ariane that she doesn’t know what keeps her with Stevie. Hon it’s the money. He has cheated on you constantly, let him go. Ariane get’s teary eyed seeing her friend going through this. Mimi is a doormat.

Erica is dating Lil’ Scrappy for 15 years, on and off. He left her for rapper Diamond, who in turn left him for someone else, Soulja Boy. Nasty twerps. So he went back to the faithful Erica.

K Michelle just broke up with her boyfriend. K Michelle meets with Rasheeda and talks about her abusive relationship.

Meanwhile we see Joseline appears she says Stevie believes in her and it’s not all about sex. So Stevie is sleeping with multiple women including Joseline and Mimi. This is some ghetto hot a– mess!!!

Lil’ Scrappy’s mom appears who is reminiscent of Momma Jones. Momma Dee meets with Erica, who states that Erica isn’t showing Scrappy enough love.

The ladies meet up for drinks, makes a toast and makes the mistake of saying that Stevie J is Joseline’s man. The girlfriend is obviously in the dark, the darkest of the places

Stevie J and Joseline arrive, Mimi is pissed and who wouldn’t be?

Hot mess rating 5/5
Entertainment rating 5/5

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