Love & Hip Hop Atlanta | Season 1, Episode 5 – Recap

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No Receipts

Erica and Joseline meet, Joseline apologizes but later calls her jealous.

Mimi is packing up Stevie J’s belongings. 15 years too late, hon.

Lil’ Scrappy had an asthma attack and was in the hospital. Momma Dee visits him, Lil’ Scrappy was coughing in between his script stating that Erica left him. He wanted to know if his mom would leave her ex-husband alone in the hospital. Of course Momma Dee agrees with her son. Lil’ Scrappy was rubbing Shay’s butt last week but wants Erica do be down with the homey and play nurse? Where was Shay?

K Michelle and Mimi during pedicures discuss the Joseline and Stevie J situation. Joseline apparently is sending threatening texts to Mimi and is very angry according to Mimi. K Michelle is p*ssed off at Karlie who is acting brand new.

Shay visits Lil’ Scrappy who is of course doing all the right things as a friend. He immediately wants to find out if Shay would visit an ex who was in the hospital. Why is he asking everyone? Lil’ Scrappy and Shay are now going to work on their relationship. Do they really think that we believe that they just started working on their relationship? They have been together or hooking up at for years.

Stevie J finally gives in to Karlie and meets with her. He didn’t want to deal with her as she was the one who told Mimi about Joseline. He asks her to audition for him. We hear her ‘performance’, poor thing, she needs a little practice and some better music. Joseline walks in and is informed that Cash Money who manages Karlie Redd would like Joseline and Mimi to do a song together. Why on earth would Cash Money want that? Joseline is visibly upset and cries and does not want to do a song with Karlie Redd, why doesn’t Karlie Redd do a song with Cash Money’s Nicki Minaj. Which is actually a good point. Why woyld Cash Money want to unknowns to do a duet together? Joseline in between crying states said she has been working hard to get where she is. Where is that? Side Piece City?

Karlie happens to be outside on the phone, right. Benzino sees her and is bowled over by her talent and hot looks. He asks her out and she takes his number. They plan to go on a date.

Momma Dee invites Erica to her home. She is upset with Erica, because Erica left Lil’ Scrappy. Erica claims she did not leave him alone, she left him with someone capable and went to work. Erica in her interview states Lil’ Scrappy, left her after she lost their first child with his homeboy who I am assuming was no capable of looking after a woman who miscarried. Momma Dee states that Lil’ Scrappy doesn’t feel loved. He obviously is feeling loved by Shay’s butt though.

Erica and Lil’ Scrappy meet for lunch, he tells her he no longer wants to work on what they need in their relationship. Does Lil’ Scrappy really believe that he was actually working on his relationship with Erica? Erica doesn’t see anything wrong with leaving Lil’ Scrappy and going to work, especially as he was drunk the night before. That’s not healthy for an asthmatic. How sick was Lil’ Scrappy? Sick enough for Erica to call off work or not? The conversation obviously doesn’t go well. She starts to scream and he leaves knowing he had no intention of being in a relationship with her anyway. He was just looking for a way out, who leaves the home you share with your girlfriend to work on the relationship? That’s breakup behavior!

Mimi drops off Stevie J’s belongings, Mimi is better than me, that would have been left on the pavement waiting for him to pick them up when I was not home. Stevie J too doesn’t seem to understand why Mimi is still mad. He has a point, he has been treating her like garbage for 15 years, why should he change now? He suggests that they see a therapist and Mimi tells him that he needs to put his b*tch in check especially as he got Joseline to threaten Mimi. Stevie J appears to be unaware of Joseline’s text messages. Stevie J asks for a kiss – I have got to give it to Stevie J he keeps on trying, but he is so unrepentant, how can he think that after he got someone pregnant and then got the fetus aborted that he is going to get anything from Mimi?

Rasheeda, Erica and K Michelle meet, Erica tells the ladies about what happened with her and Lil’ Scrappy. Rasheeda is shocked. Erica has no idea he is or has been seeing Shay. They basically call Lil’ Scrappy a momma’s boy.

Mimi calls together a meeting between Karlie Redd and K Michelle and Mimi reminds Karlie of her gossipy, blabbermouth ways. Karlie get’s upset and she and K Michelle get louder and shakes the table. For what? Is she channeling Teresa Giudice from The Real Housewives of New Jersey? Anyway, K Michelle was led into the bathroom by a member of the production crew.

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