Love & Hip Hop Atlanta | Season 3, Episode 4 Full Episode & Recap

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Joseline and Stevie J have fallen out with Joseline’s booking agent, Dawn. Dawn decides to vent about loyalty, so what does she do? Calls Mimi up and spills her guts about their fake marriage and her “wedding ring” which is from Joseline’s ex boyfriend, Keith. Dawn is a fake friend. Stevie J calls a meeting with Dawn – they start to argue. Dawn puts her best audition foot forward and tries to put Stevie J and Joseline’s fake marriage, bad credit, fake reality lives on blast. Why did Joseline and Stevie J put Dawn in charge of their money? Later Joseline is practicing in the rehearsal studio, which her “husband” built for her in “their” rented mansion. LMBO!

Lil Scrappy receives a phone call from Bambi, “hurry up home 911”, complete with the “emergency” background music. She miscarried their child. So she couldn’t tell him on the phone? When he gets home after running through the house, I’m surprised he didn’t have to use his inhaler – Bambi tells him she tried to call him while she was in the hospital. What cell phone and service carrier do these two use? Tin cans? Momma Dee comes over to visit Bambi with some soup. Dee shares that she too had a miscarriage and starts to cry.

Waka Flocka and Tammi show us their sweet domestic bliss. Tammi wants honesty, communication and respect. Waka just wants a baby. Deb Antney invites the couple over for dinner – they talk about the wedding. Tammi later breaks down and admits that she was alone when she moved up to Atlanta from Miami. She and Deb did not get along at first, until Deb realized that Tammi truly loved her son.

Kirk plays pool with Benzino and Stevie J to celebrate on “finding out” Karter was his son, as if there was any doubt. Jasmine the waitress arrives and greets Kirk with a huge hug. Kirk tells the fellas that he wants Jasmine to be Karter’s nanny. Kirk can’t act for fart, who the hell does he think he is fooling with his stiff acting. Kirk asks Jasmine about her experience with children. He doesn’t ask for a resume or references. She claims that she has younger brothers and sisters. Oh ok then, you’re hired. Later after Kirk’s minimal vetting process, Jasmine is at his house not knowing how to hold at baby properly at all. Rasheeda comes home and let’s him have it.

Karlie Redd invites Yung Joc out for drinks. She misses him after she acted the fool. Yung Joc is done with her. Karlie apologizes to him and wants him back. She sucks his finger in the restaurant, like a desperate fool. Young Joc and Karlie Redd are shown a prospective house by Kadea, Yung Joc’s driver, realtor, side chick etc,.. Yung Joc leaves to see the surround speakers in the house. Karlie Redd goes ballistic after Kadea tells her she is screwing Yung Joc every night.

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