Love & Hip Hop Atlanta | Season 4, Episode 12 – Recap [FULL]

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Rasheeda and Erica burst into Ashley Nicole’s room, did you really think Kirk was going to be hanging out there? Instead Ashley Nicole conveniently presents her girlfriend, Jamie. Rasheeda’s acting is so bad, she doesn’t acknowledge Ashley’s girlfriend thick as ever as she in the middle of the room. It was Erica (no storyline) Dixon who had to point Jamie out to her. Rasheeda knocks on the right door later and Kirk thinks its sexy that Rasheeda came looking for him cheating. That’s sexy? Rasheeda is proud that she has to check up on her husband to see if he’s cheating. Ok.

Lil Scrappy upgrades his girlfriend, Bambi’s, promise ring and gifts her the key to his house. She maturely states that he has to fix his relationship with his daughter’s mother, Erica Dixon, as she will be around Scrappy’s daughter Emani, all the time. Bambi’s statement was the most sensible thing I have ever heard on LHHATL, ever!

Mimi Faust apologizes to Jazze Pha about Jessica Dime’s behavior. Jazze wants to work with Tiffany Foxx instead. MF Management, (every time I hear MF I keep thinking motherf**ker), is coming up a little bit. Mimi later brings Jessca Dime to Jermain Dupri wanting him to give her a track, Jessica plays her track, “Disrespect”. He is willing to work with Jessica and she of course is ecstatic. Mimi presents Jessica with a contract if she wishes to sign with MFM.

Joc visits Khadiyah and presents her with his finalized divorce decree from his wife of 13 years, his wife filed for divorce not him. Joc only wants Khadiyah’s money and Khadiyah would be a fool to ever be with Joc. I like Joc he is hilarious but he is a no good bum. He has 8 children with 4 woman at the age of 32. Khadiyah can do so much better.

Kalenna vistis Deb Antney, wanting her to take over as her manager. Kalenna says that her husband thinks Deb is unqualified as a manager. Kalenna wants to know what Deb can do for her career. Kalenna claims she is still getting residual checks and she makes money in her sleep. Deb is unimpressed. Deb knows that Kalenna is having serious financial problems. Kalenna says she a diamond, Deb is hilarious and says she would be getting a bag of garbage with Kalenna as a client. Ooops! Kalenna did come off a little pompous but I don’t think her questions about what Deb could do for her were too out of line. Kalenna leaves, Deb isn’t hearing her mess. Later at Kalenna’s club she tells Rasheeda what happened. In walks Deb’s daughter in law Tammy Rivera and she is isn’t happy about what happened between Deb and Kalenna, they exchange words.

Scrappy meets Erica and they sort out their differences for the best interest of their daughter Emani.

Mimi meets with Tiffany and informs her that Jazze Phe wants to work with her.

Rasheeda oversees Ashley Nicole’s photo shoot. Rasheeda said she was wrong for bursting into Ashley Nicole’s room and Ashley said she also says she said some things that were wrong. They both are chummy and kee kee’ing now. Ok. Ashley confides to Rasheeda that her mother committed suicide a few years ago. Ashley now wants Rasheeda for her female influence. Don’t let Ashley show up pregnant at the reunion now.

Yung Joc is out with Sina and their twins, and he decides to tell her, he is not the one for her and sh is going to make it work with Khadiyah. She put her paws on him and she is pissed, he walks away laughing.

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Love & Hip Hop Love & Hip Hop Atlanta
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