Love & Hip Hop: Grudges & Fire!

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Olivia speaks with her manager Rich about her trying to make it back into music again. Wayne Williams a music executive tells Olivia she needs to step up her game and she sang a cappella for him, she has a very nice voice. Olivia meets with Yandy to talk about her efforts in getting back into the music. Olivia gripes that a lot of entertainers have laughed at her and her efforts. Olivia let’s it known that she does not have a good relationship with her mother and she wasn’t in her life.

Kim meets with Emily in regards to Emily’s toast and the fact that she is trying to be friends with the ladies.

Emily’s Toast: To Kim who has had the most black men in her.

Emily is still mad about Kim being with Fab, why? The only thing she should be upset about was the delivery. Fab was your man, not Kim. Somaya tells Emily about her meeting with Kim and she wants to make up and squash the beef. Now we know that won’t happen, at least not this season.

Kim is still trying to get into the circle, so she invites Somaya to the gym and they work out. Kim wants to put together a party and asks Somaya to ask Emily to come. Somaya tells Emily about her meeting with Kim and that she wants to make up and squash the beef. Now we know that won’t happen, at least not this season. Kim plans a party complete with different drinks, goodie bags, a stripper pole and sex toys. There was a female stripper and male strippers, what is with The Real housewives of Atlanta and Love & Hip Hop stars, the only way to have fun is to have strippers perform? The male strippers have on fur pants. FUR PANTS! That is so terrible! Kim’s hair caught on fire while they were having fun, what the hell? Chrissy arrives and is not happy to see the strippers.

Somaya: You’ve got to earn your respect with these girls

Chrissy tells Jim what happened between her and Yandy and the money issues. Jim asks if Chrissy can run the design aspect of his company she says yes and he offers her 50% of the design check. Jim drives over to his moms house in his Chevy like he was making a music video, just stylin’ and profilin’. Jim finally tells his mother that the diss record was not cool and disrespectful to Chrissy. Nancy said the record wasn’t a diss record but just expressing how she feels. She says she will try to make it right. Nancy meets with Chrissy and she starts to cry and claims she didn’t mean to hurt Chrissy. Chrissy accepts the apology and says she is not mad at Nancy’s hustle. Nancy also has a t-shirt line out. The t-shirts are spelled incorrectly “Phsychotic

Phsychotic: A mental feeling just before you become psychotic – Nancyism

Jim takes out Chrissy on a rooftop, romantic dinner in Chelsea for a Moroccan meal. Chrissy who is always busting Jim’s chops belittles his gesture with making fun of his efforts at the decorative pillows which he got from Home Goods. Home Goods is an awesome store and cheap with great items!

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