Love & Hip Hop: “Reality Check” Recap

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Love & Hip Hop’s producer Mona Scott Young, narrates this fake reunion, as the ladies refused to be in the same room as each other. This is absolute garbage! Adults in their 30s or 40s cannot be in the same room as each other? Meanwhile the Baseball Wives are petitioning for their own reunion.

The warehouse where the producers plot the stories is showcased and we see behind the scenes of what goes on with the planing and filming of each episode.

We are shown Jim first, he states that fiance Chrissy comes first and he does not need a manager [Yandy] that puts his business in the streets. Jim also signed up for the reality show because of Chrissy. Jim didn’t look Mona in the eyes once, but did manage to look at her when he said the third season will not be about his drama. Really? If there is no drama there is no show.

Emily signed on for Love & Hip Hop to get the attention of her “boyfriend” Fabolous, to shame him into claiming her. Really Emily? If he doesn’t acknowledge you in private or public, a television show will not help. Emily admits she was not intimate with Fabolous for over a year. Also Emily states she met Kim at an Atlanta party prior to meeting her on air. Kim states she has never met Emily. Who is delusional here? Met doesn’t mean you had drinks, dinner and went shopping, so either Emily is lying or Kim is. Why didn’t Emily state this before. Emily is now dating Fabolous and whoopee she claims Fabolous is now claiming her in public, it took a reality television to do this. So sad. But the real question that needs to be asked is, is he committed to Emily?

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Juelz Santana didn’t want to film with Kim and has subsequently quit the show. Kim and Juelz are now not together. She implies he has been cheating as he is not keeping his penis in his pants.

Chrissy refuses to be interviewed by Mona, she feels Mona was only pushing for ratings. Hello!? She blames Mona for not allowing her to enjoy her engagement. She never hung out with Yandy, may be a drink once or twice.

Chrissy: But b*tch, if I wasn’t the personality I was, there would be no avenue for you to be a b*tch, you on my show! I am so good at what I’ve done, I have made an avenue for you b*tch, bow down!

Chrissy wants Yandy to worship her, hmmm ok.

Next up Yandy, who according to popular belief, has never slept with Jim. She thought she was cool with Chrissy who she claims has called her on occasion, when she had issues with Jim’s mother Nancy.

Yandy: Right when those roles got expanded, that when it was like, O no let me call the producers let me call Jim, we got to send Yandy down.

Nancy Jones was fanning herself like a southern belle and admits she does not like Olivia.

Olivia has a conversation with her mom and it apparently has helped and they are now talking. Rich is not in love with Olivia, but they are close friends, who cry over unfavorable record deals. Olivia states that Chrissy was wrong in the Kim fight. Wow she found her spine when Chrissy wasn’t in the same room. Olivia signed a deal – more than $500,000 well go on ahead Mr Longott!

Somaya was pissed that she had minimal airtime this season. Mona asks Somaya if she has a d*ck? Mona, what the hell are you serious? As apparently some think that Somaya is a man. What crassness Ms Producer. Somaya’s music deal was not filmed, Mona that was some BS! Yes drama sells and Love & Hip Hop’s ratings are excellent.

Now for Erica Mena, Mona you lost me with this addition, you knew exactly what you were doing with this mess. You want drama, fights and mess. Erica is a child. Mona inquires about her ample bosom as she was well covered up for the first time this season.  Erica, joined the show to boost her “singing career” but the poor little girl doesn’t have a singing voice as you all remember hearing off-pitch, cat call. She claims that her scenes were edited inaccurately. Mona then shows her the footage in it’s entirety, unedited. Erica then breaks down crying and she wants everyone to know she is real, there is more to her and wants the audience to give her a chance. Erica was wearing lace pants, what was that?

Miss Mona Scott Young, I enjoy Love & Hip Hop, but the fact you couldn’t get your contracted employees in the same room and record a reunion, and to act like adults instead of animals, leaves me to believe you have no control over your contracted players. The reality check was enjoyable, but a reunion would have been better. I’m surprised Teairra Mari didn’t make an appearance during the “reality check”.

If Nene Leakes & Kim Zolciak can be in the same room as each other, then so can these ladies.

What was the best or worst part of the show for you?

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